Sunday, October 26, 2014

My Blogger Crush

It's over and I just have to get used to it.
He's moved on...

Dale McGowan had an excellent blog for several years called Parenting Beyond Belief. He hasn't posted on it for over a year due to releasing four new books, to spearheading major humanist projects, to taking on leadership roles in several activist programs, and to other activities on the lecture circuit. He has even supported my blog called CAP:  Carnival of Atheist Parenting by submitting a blog post in one of the carnivals. But his own initial blog remains empty of new stuff...

Dale McGowan
But that's OK.
I think it's time for other atheist and freethinking and Humanist parents to be out here blogging, picking up the banner and saying out loud more about how to raise our wonderful children in a country, a world, so utterly overrun with religious discord, stigma, disinformation, conflict, misdirection, brainwashing, proselytizing, shaming, abuse, belief of superiority, control of politics, ganging up, zealots, blindness to science, disbelief in provable things like climate change and overpopulation, and general closed-minded adherents.

Dale McGowan was a true inspiration to me in my early days as a parent. I appreciated his blog, his support, and his books. Today, I find those same materials to be NOT ENOUGH.

While McGowan recommends The Secular Spectrum over at Patheos, I want more.

Won't YOU help?

If you would like to have a blog post here as a guest poster I welcome you. If you are interested in starting your own blog, I encourage you! And if you are here to learn more about atheist parenting or secular homeschooling, I welcome you!

In the meantime, I'll keep up my blog as much as I can...because I think that my blog and I offer a unique perspective out there...

I send out a special WELCOME and ADMIRATION
For Monica

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