Monday, July 6, 2015

All You Need is Love...and JD

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While attending our nearby community college, Elizabeth has met so many wonderful people, some of whom have become good friends to her. She is quite active in the theater department and their activities and it makes my heart soar to see her bask in the glow of their activities and of her own sense of belonging.

For many years she has been active in a wonderful, small local troupe of actors in a nearby small town and that experience was so nurturing and great for her in so many ways. Moving to the college milieu was surprisingly easy for her.

One of the friends that has become close to Elizabeth and to our entire family is JD. He is a laugh, a hug, a deep conversation, a place of peace and quiet, a thinker, a riot, a question, an answer, a student, an authority, a person who puts forth such honest effort to do the right thing, an optimistic vibe, a BFF, a mature vibe, a joiner, an encourager, a part-time cook, a guy who often needs to feed the alligators, a part of the family. JD moved into our home about a month or so ago and we are very happy to have him as long as he is here.

This human makes me laugh alot, but the coolest thing about having him in our family is the fact that he gets along so well with everyone. Sometimes Elizabeth will head out to some activity or be in her room in solitude and JD will be hanging with John and they will be talking a mile a minute, playing some game, laughing, talking quietly, just connecting. 

Sometimes he and Elizabeth can be heard laughing and laughing and talking and being silly together for hours. And sometimes the three of them are together for HOURS entertaining themselves in a million different ways here at home or at large in the community. Much of the time I have no idea where they are or what they are up to and I trust each and every one of them.

My kids get along tremendously well, which is rare, I know, and JD fits right in. It's extra nice because he has a girlfriend and so those issues aren't really at play much in the house. Jer and I are offering him our home, teaching him some skills for independent living, and our genuine love and affection.  I think we're getting the better part of the deal.

Honestly, Jer and I feel fortunate to have this fine young man join our family
...for the time that we have.

I'm JD and I approve of this post
and I love and cherish all of you!
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