Tuesday, September 22, 2015

The Greatest Gift

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Have you given a gift to your children lately?

It occurred to me recently that being an atheist parent, a first-generation atheist parent, was a gift I was giving my kids...and their kids.

Imagine the amount of energy and breaking free our children and their children
and their children will not have to go through. What a gift we are giving our descendants. Think of how all of our future generations will be free of the chains that have bound the minds of so many before us. It didn't occur to me until recently how momentous of a time this is.

People are figuring it out.
People are looking at the crazy beliefs and realizing how incredibly bizarre the ideas are; the taking snake, the evil guy, the supposed great guy who never actually shows up, rituals and special words change bread to human flesh, alot of issues about how foreskin is bad, walking on water, the supposed global flood, sprinkling water on the head makes some sort of difference, creation in seven days,bashing babies' heads in on the stones, eternal life after death, giants and dragons and unicorns, it's just ridiculous.

It's unbelievable how this tribal religion, originating in the tiniest desert group of sheep herders, has spread across the globe. The blood thirsty, crazy beliefs from that tribe are totally unworthy of our attention and time and fret. Religious beliefs are weird, man. And because of us, our beloved scions can skip the drama and get right on to the business of living. 

Don't you wish OUR parents had been the first generation?
What would be different?

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