Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Isn't Facebook is a Wealth of Knowledge

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Tonight I read the absolutely bapship crazy meme I've ever seen. It was posted in all sincerity so of course I couldn't help but laugh out loud. Well, it would be funny if it wan't so darn accurate. 

Could someone please tell me honestly if people think this way? I don't interact much with openly-bigoted people so I don't know anyone who would say things like this.

I know that some believers are taught to fear people who aren't believers but I'm sure that many people are learning how untrue these ridiculous claims are. Satan believers? Thieves? Planning evil? That claims are not just wrong, they are also weird, aren't they?

I think that some people fear atheists, thanks to what they are taught. It would be lovely if church leaders and other believers would just kind of relax about the people who don't share their their belief system. Things would be so much happier on the planet.

Besides, I don't even know what Asherah poles 1, Succoth-benoth 2, Nergal 3, or Nibhaz 4 even are.  Just kidding.


All definitions from Wiki:

1:  An Asherah pole is a sacred tree or pole that stood near Canaanite religious locations to honor the Ugaritic mother-goddess Asherah, consort of El. 

2: Succoth Benoth was a Babylonian deity, one of the deities brought to the former kingdom of Samaria (Israel) by "the men of Babylon" after the exile of Israel by Assyria.

3:  The name Nergal, Nirgal, or Nirgali was a deity worshipped throughout Mesopotamia

4:  Nibhaz was a deity of the Avim during the time of Shalmaneser I 


  1. I'm currently a recovering catho-holic. My spouse seems to believe that I now have no moral compass. So no; I'm really not surprised about this list.

    1. I'm a recovering Catholic too. Welcome!!!!

      I'm so sorry you are facing having a spouse insult and disrespect you so. That is such a sad legacy from his belief system.


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