Thursday, April 7, 2016

Your Kids Should Be in School

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Homeschoolers are so fond of hearing from our family members that having our children in school is preferred and far superior to homeschooling. We just love that. Hopefully that type of fight will not last very long. 

The weird thing that might surprise our beloved critics is how distasteful school sounds to some homeschooling parents as we hear more and more stories in the news about the major issues in the schools. Sometimes the ridiculous issues facing public school parents actually make me want to laugh and celebrate homeschooling. Sometimes they make me want to cry. Other times I just scratch my head. For example, I recently read that parents at a Texas school may no longer pick their children up from school while on foot. No more walking home from risk of criminal charges. 

California recently made it illegal to carry weapons on college campuses. Finally. While in Oklahoma, schools are allowed to make their own decisions about carrying weapons on campus. Weapons on campus...seems like a no-brainer to me.

To further underscore the circus nature that public schools project in the media, just last week a school bus full of students was driving around with explosives under the hood in Virginia. I was so grateful to be homeschooling that day. Of course that story didn't bode well for the FBI either.

And what about the inappropriate sexual crap happening in so many schools? It's horrific. Male and female faculty who behave in such sickeningly wrong ways that it freaks me out, yet this type of story appears in the news so often we seem to be almost used to hearing about them.

Want more weird laws recently enacted? Alabama schools no longer allow fundraising candies or treats in the schools during the school day. This ruling seems to be an effort to improve lunches in the schools, though how that affects the lunches is beyond me.

Also in Alabama, the failing schools are losing students to better schools and the families who pull their kids out of the failing schools are being offered tax credits to encourage this switch over. Eighteen counties in Alabama are, sadly, living with failing schools. Even more, a sad story in an Ohio tells of a fifteen year old boy who is charged with shooting and wounding other students in his school. And there are the new anti-bullying laws in New York...because they need them. 

Underfunding, bullying, poor quality meals, teachers who abuse the kids, dangerous stuff, etc etc etc. Schools have always been underfunded, as long as I have known about it and I don't see much improvement in the bullying situation anytime soon. Schools are imperfect and not exactly impressive. Not all bad, we know this. 

My point is this, even if these major issues were somehow magically corrected we would STILL homeschool.

Homeschooling is a lifestyle choice that some people will never understand because they can't think outside of the box. But most of the world seems to be coming around. So relax about trying to get the support of people who are determined to not understand about homeschooling.

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