Thursday, June 30, 2016

As Time Goes By...

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When I think about blogging lately I am so aware that I genuinely have very little to say about actual homeschooling anymore. I'm trying because I think that some people who read my blog are looking specifically for atheist homeschool stuff...but I'm done with that.

My kids are older, our lives have changed, my focus is so different than it used to be just a few years ago, the way I spend my time, the energy I expend all goes in a different direction, it's just not something I can write exclusively about more about.

John is still in homeschool high school and Elizabeth is still in college and JD is still adulting I will still write about them because they are where my heart is. But there is so much change going on with me as the kids get older and less dependent on me.
And So, As Time Goes By...

I do plan on continuing to blog about my thinking and whatever I am processing. I completely expect many readers to fall away with this switch of content. I understand if you disappear. I hope you understand.



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    1. I accidentally removed this comment, Bridget, and I can't undo it!
      What I MEANT to do was come here and THANK YOU for following me, for loving me, and for being my friend. <3


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