Sunday, June 5, 2016

Thinking of Homeschooling?

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It doesn't happen very often in the things that I read, so when it does it's worth a mention. The Washington Post actually posted a pro-homeschool article!

My dear friend Edith-ann shared a link with me and I was incredibly surprised to see a positive post about homeschooling, not that homeschooling doesn't deserve it. It's just that most media focuses on the negative, as media tends to to. It's refreshing as he#* to have an honest news source report some honest homeschool stats. More than postive, actually. The author of the article, Allison Barrett Carter writes With the help of the Internet, home schooling has become normalized. In fact, with all my clicking and reading, I find myself excited about it.

That's how I still feel about homeschooling: excited. 

As the parent of two teens who are successful in their lives, I love the way the homeschool lifestyle has helped them to create their own sense of identity. It's a benefit of homeschooling that makes me swoon. Self Identity.

Elizabeth and Dr. Robollo 
As it happens, Elizabeth has been dually-enrolled at the community college and has just gained enough credits to graduate from homeschooling. Last night was the party. It was such a wonderful celebration of Elizabeth's accomplishments. But more than that.

One of her college professors was here at the party telling me about what a remarkable individual Elizabeth is, strong in herself, capable, unique. This professor told me that she can tell homeschooled students because of their maturity, passion, and dedication to their projects.

And that's a nice thing to hear.

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