Friday, June 23, 2017

What an Idiot I Was

When I was in high school there was this guy whose locker was down the hall from mine. I met him in a class and he started hanging about a bit. I'm going to call him Mike. Mike was a super nerdy dude, but very nice and quite smart. He had kind of a thing for me in high school, I later realized, while I had barely noticed him, sadly.

Years later in my early twenties we dated a bit and I really liked him...he was smart and interesting and fun and successful and quite independent. While I, on the other hand, was suuuuuuch an idiot. I truly believed the Christian storyline and feared true knowledge. I dripped Christian rhetoric like the sky drips stars.

One time Mike and I and a friend were in a canoe on a float trip and we were all talking and chatting and whatnot. I was really noticing how I was longing for Mike, even as I sat in the canoe with him. He felt a million miles away from me and I couldn't understand it. After getting home from the float trip, where I distinctly remember Mike fervently singing the words I am a rock; I am an island on the rainy drive home, I never saw him in a dating fashion again.

One day, years later, I suddenly recalled a conversation that Mike and I and the friend were having on the river. He asked me How do you explain the fossils? I remember putting a cutsie look on my face and replying God put them there to test us, and the friend in the canoe agreed with me.

No wonder logical and reasonable Mike felt like an island in that rainy truck cab driving home from the float trip! He broke up with me immediately. Now I think back on that and I think of him Good call, Pal! Good call.  lol

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