Sunday, January 14, 2018

I'm Going to be Brutally Honest

I'm going to put it down, right here and right now. It's got to be said, even if I upset people. It's my right to be honest even it it doesn't make me popular, though I'm sure my friends will understand. Because I'm going to be totally honest, I can't help if the truth hurts.

I'm sorry to be so blunt:

People have the power to make a difference.
It is within our ability to inform ourselves and to vote intelligently. We have the capacity to drain the swamp, to create the country that we can be proud of, to vote people into the highest offices of our country who represent our real values.

Love really and truly means something.
In a world that is indifferent or difficult, having love in one's life is the only thing that makes survival a thing worth fighting for.

Things and ideas are not valuable above human beings.
We can war, both literally and online, about who is right or wrong, about what is better or worse, about what has value and what does not. But you are in need, I will help you regardless of your posessions or ideas.

If you can be satisfied with what you have then you will be happier. If you cannot, work to make things better for yourself. 
When possible, help others up as well.
Beyond the basics, wanting more stuff seems to only create an unhappy envy. Recognizing that happiness and joy come from within will change absolutely everything for you. And hard work and determination for long stretches of time are essential to pull oneself up to a place where one can, finally share what they have. At least it worked for me.

Admitting when you are wrong is a wonderful learning experience.
Not only is it admirable and courageous to admit to being wrong, admitting to what is incorrect is always an opportunity to learn something. From new information to what the people in your life are like, admitting error and working to correct that error is a real character builder. Be open to the questions that arise from new information.

You see what you look for.
Some people see this as a golden, opportunity-filled planet with so much potential. Some people see the planet as a shithole.
Same planet.
Be aware of how your thinking contributes to the quality of your life. For most people, ones thinking patterns and habits determine 90% of one's happiness and joy.

You are valuable.
Each one of us is, yes, like every other. But each of us is also completely unique. When you meet someone else, someone from a different race, religion, nation, culture, take some time and get to know them. Your world will expand more and more. The person that you are will expand and become even more valuable with each new experience you have and with each new perspective you visit.

There, I've done it. 
Sorry for the bluntness but sometimes a girl's gotta let it all hang out.


  1. I love this! And these are all so true. Curious, have you ever read a book called Buddhist Bootcamp? He has some very interesting things to say, many that are similar to this.


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