Saturday, January 20, 2018

Your Self Worth

John and I had a weird and enlightening moment this afternoon. He and I were having this conversation where we were reading off "philosophical questions" to one another and answering those questions. It was pretty fun and pretty cool; I recommend it.

Anyway, one of the questions was something along the lines of when do you feel a good amount of self worth. We were both, in different ways, saying nearly the same thing. We were trying to elucidate that we felt a satisfying sense of self-worth when we accomplish something.

Suddenly I had a thought. Do we expect the person sitting across the table from us to have to accomplish something before we feel that they are worth something?

Think on that for a moment.
We sat there with our mouths hanging open.

Each of us, on our own, found ourselves realizing that we had to earn our own self worth...what a surprising revelation. What a realization...does it make you think too?

We'll just see where we go with that now...


Edited Jan 21, 2018:
I'm not at all surprised to report that John and I had a continuation of this conversation this evening. He's stating that this new awareness (value himself without requiring accomplishment to feel good about himself) has continued to percolate in his psyche. He was able to verbalize many new ways that this observation has already changed how he processes his thoughts today.

Our conversation can't really be recreated here for you to read, but I was so very moved and impressed by his ability to explore ideas, extrapolate, see growth potential. He's amazing.  💙

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  1. So profound! One thing I love as the children get older is how the discussion matures. I do miss the young ages but I enjoy the fact that I can have a discussion with my oldest I can't even have with my husband! I do miss those kinds of conversations and look forward to having more of them with her. I also look forward to introducing her books and movies that have made me think. We watched Ender's Game last week which is fascinating but also disturbing on a number of levels.


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