Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Things I Don't Give a FUCK About in 2018

Scarymomma.com put up an excellent blog post that I found somewhere on Facebook. The post is called 25 Things I Won't Give a F**K About This Year. I have no idea when this post was put up, but I'm inspired!!!!!! I didn't read beyond the first of the 25 before stopping my reading so that I could copy the idea and write the things that I won't give a fuck about this year.   😊  So I'm stealing the idea for the blog post but none of the actual ideas...because I haven't read them yet.

I love the idea that she will not be making any NYE resolutions this year, but, rather, will be listing the things that she won't give two shits for this year. That's the kind of list I can get behind.  LOL

For the most part I have already stopped feeling guilty about stuff in my life. I've stopped any and all comparisons and judging. I've stopped any competition, except for when playing Scrabble. I've exited assholes out of my life. I've become the mother I want to be. And my kids are pretty big. So my list won't be about any of that stuff. But I've been thinking about this for a few hours now... because as scarymomma says:
I resolve not to give a fuck about in the new year. Because at some point you realize that if you don’t allocate your fucks better, you might soon find yourself completely out of fucks to give, which is not a good place to be. Believe me.

So here's my list:


  1. What you think about my children's lives, choices, issues, moments of pride. - I'm just done with caring what naysayers freaking think. People who look for the negative will always find it. They can go fly a freaking kite as far as I'm concerned.
  2. Anything you choose to say to others about me or mine. - Ditto just being done with that kind of childishness. And I'm feeling quite freaking done with this.
  3. What the alt-right thinks. - I have heard it all and I can honestly say that I don't want to hear a single other syllable from hateful people.
  4. How much cool stuff you have as compared to me. - NOT a things person. I don't have the things and I don't want the things. I could not care less what cool stuff you have, only that you are happy with it.
  5. Who is wearing what at the large events in the world. - Who is dating whom. Who said what about whoever. How can any of this be remotely meaningful?
  6. Whatever fearmongering bullshit you are spewing about any other peoples, cultures, or groups on the planet. - I'm absolutely over listening to any and all fearmongering. If I even get a whiff of it in a conversation with you, I. Am. Done.
  7. Your faddish potions and notions. - I've been around long enough to notice that these infatuations with various products and substances come and go...and things generally do not change and no miracles ever happen.
  8. Doing things I should have said NO to. - I will not feel bad about simply not going there. I've done enough stuff for the wrong reasons and I refuse to do it any longer. I've gotten pretty good at this one, actually.
  9. Feeling bad about letting laundry lay for an extra couple of days. -
  10. Listening to people who talk about people rather than ideas. -
  11. Feeling bad for, apologizing for, my weird sleep patterns. - I haven't chosen them, I'm the one dealing with them.
  12. Uncomfortable clothes. - I'm still wearing bras because they cost me something, even though they are uncomfortable AF. No more. I'm done with all of the uncomfortable things. Shoes included.
  13. Rules. - Honestly, I've never cared much for rules. But I'm getting ruthless about it now. You call it a rule, I ignore you.
  14. Any and all WISDOM offered by social media. - I mean, come on!
  15. Apologizing for my time on the internet or on my phone. - I LOVE the internet and I love my phone. I won't be embarrassed about anything that I enjoy. Besides, were it not for these electronic devices I wouldn't get to see my friends! 
  16. Even pretending like I care about the newest and coolest thing, movie, music, podcast. - I don't and I can't keep up and I have to just admit that I stopped keeping up a few years ago. Please, especially no more comic book super hero things.
  17. What any and all celebrities are doing in their personal lives.Enough said. Srsly.
  18. What you ate for dinner. - I am never certain what my reaction should be to your empty plate on FB. 
  19. Horoscopes, chakra, spirituality, ANYTHING that strikes me of woo. - I'm already pretty disconnected from most of this, but I don't want to hear another thing about it. I mean, fuck it. So many people post their beliefs completely freely and without concern for others. I'm saying it here: I can't stand any woo-y stuff. At. All. I censor myself enough to avoid hurting people's feelings about this sort of rubbish.
  20. If you tell me Merry Christmas. -  Kind wishes of all sorts are welcome. Thanks.
  21. If you are male and you use the female public bathroom. - If you are transgender, please just use the bathroom and get back to shopping the mall. Sheesh.
  22. If you are recieving some sort of public aid and you have a smart phone. - GOOD FOR YOU. Life is hard enough. Sheesh.
  23. Getting more stuff! - If you really want to please me, let's do something together. I don't want another tchotchkes. I want to do cool things with cool people.

What about YOU????

Now I'm going to go and read scarymomma's list!


  1. I need to do this though I think I would just probably copy most of what you have already! LOL

    1. You know, Janeen, I don't think I would have been capable of doing this earlier in my life. I'm not sure what needed to happen to me, but I KNOW you will be able to attain these things earlier in life than I did.


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