Friday, January 27, 2012

Homeschool Pen Pals

When I was growing up, I had some great friends who started out as pen pals.  People from other parts of the country that I exchanged letters with weekly, sometimes more!  lol
I would love to see my kids developing friendships in that way.  Are pen pals a thing of the past?????
Are PENS a thing of the past?????????
I have been thinking about setting up a site for homeschoolers to connect with one another by snail mail.
Maybe starting with matching kids up from one HS group in another part of the country with kids from our HS group...
I don't know.
Would this work?
Any suggestions or thoughts???


  1. We did this within our homeschool group, which is specifically for young kids, and all the kids who participated were in the 4-7 range. The mom who organized it, asked parents to decide if their kids would be exchanging artwork and dictation letters, letters with short sentences, or longer letters. My son sent one to every kid in his group (short letters), and replied to every one he received, and this was a big component of his kindergarten schoolwork. He loved it, and was super excited to get mail from his friends. Unfortunately it fizzled out after several months, which the organizer thought would probably happen. I don't think anyone was disappointed, and we got some amazing letters that we are definitely keeping. I'm sure older kids would have a lot more enthusiasm for doing a pen pal exchange, and could do it over a longer period of time and with kids they hadn't met.

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