Saturday, January 28, 2012

Today's Update

Our days have been taken up with THEATER lately.  Auditions, choreography, sets, props, special effects, costumes, and DRIVING THERE.  We have all had a jolly time!

These folks are GREAT talents and they generously share their talents and wisdom with the kids who come out to Open House Theater in New Athens.

Our family has worked hard on this show and we have enjoyed it tremendously!
Next, both of the kids are working back at this theater on "Annie".  Dr. Who is assistant directing while Bonobo is playing a zillion parts.
Dr. Who is so thrilled and proud to be assistant directing.  MANY THANKS to Rich Matt for having confidence enough in her to expect good things from her!

Bonobo and I have been working on General Science with mostly biology.  Plants and animials, and learning how to categorize them into Kindom, species...whatnot.  (*I never could remember the levels, but Bonobo has is down pat!  lol)
Bonobo and I are also working on geography.  Spending lots of time learning about Africa.  Reading, documentaries, map and atlas work, music, foods, and some excellent African Art.  Next for us:  Asia.
We've also been reading and writing.  If you are one of the lucky ones, you should expect a letter from Bonobo in the mail!  He's been writing like crazy!
He and I also enjoy board games, so we've been playing some fun stuff.
Online we've watched for current events, African news and movies, and humor!

Dr. Who is working hard at learning Korean.  The next time you see her, ask her to say something in Korean!  I thank Kehelea Taylor SO MUCH for her wonderful work with my daughter.  Kehelea is so enthusiastic and encouraging!

She has also been learning about the Republican nominees, DNA and alleles, writing LOTS, and she's been walking and biking a bit.

There has also been some wrestling and some tickling going on!

We've had a pretty wonderful January!

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