Saturday, January 7, 2012

January, We Start the Year off Fine

It's January, half way through the "school year" and, after looking at where we are in are textbooks and realizing we are "behind" in most of them, we decided to take January OFF!  Yes, Folks, off.

We are calling it "A January of New Experiences" and we've decided that each day, rain or shine, we have to do something different, go someplace we have never gone before, or eat a new food.  We also decided that, since we HATE rules, that this is a guideline rather than a rule.  *grin*

So, today we went to a part of town, accessed our GPS, and went to a new park.  It was 70 degrees in January (!!!) so we played there for a couple of hours.  It was a beautiful day and everyone was in fine form.
We proceeded to try a new restaurant and have fun together this evening at home.  All in all, a wonderful day.
I was just sitting and talking with Dr. Who, who is happy and smiling, and she went on and on about how happy she is.

Yes, Folks, taking time OFF!

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