Thursday, March 15, 2012

Homeschool? THIS WEEK????!

It is opening night for the community theater production of "Annie" that both of my children are a part of.  The Doctor is also assistant directing.  NO STRESS THERE.
A few problems with the show?  Nah.

OK, here's number one.  In my humble opinion, the show is just TOO BIG for our little community theater. But I know, through the magic that is theater, that the show will work!

It's the annual children's show and the kids are ready. It's the adults who are burning the candle at both ends!  The young woman who has been working so diligently with the orphans, Sarah, has truly prepared those kids for the stage.  They know their lyrics and spoken lines, they are on the mark with their blocking, and they actually show up for all rehearsals.

Bonobo is playing several small parts, including Pepper, one of the more vocal orphans.  I made him a little cloth rag doll to carry around, a doll whose head will be RIPPED OFF by the illustrious Mrs. Hannigan.  (the old bag)  It's a pretty cute little doll, made of one of my husband's old t shirts.  Soft, not white, and easy to sew.  Dr. Who is playing some small, supporting parts, including one of the Boylen Sisters.  She swore to herself that she would never sing on stage, and here she is, singing onstage.  But that is one of the prices you pay when you are an assistant director and people drop out along the way...

The teens in this show have been wonderful for the most part.  A few people have dropped out (more than once...LOL!) and one young guy is SICK for tonight's opening night performance!  But these kids are quite talented and will handle it.

Daddy Warbucks, played by Gary Mossiman, is great. I could listen to him sing all night. He has this natural comfort and geniality and adorableness that is a delight to watch.  Mrs. Hannigan is spunkily played by Sandy Hesse.  I have seen Sandy in many, many different parts over the years.  She plays her parts like a matter HOW silly they are!  Tonight, she will play a cranky, unkind caregiver.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  She's warm and cool in real life.

Rich Matt. This young man has been directing his little heart out. His enthusiasm may well carry the whole cast and crew this evening!  I believe the theater powers-that-be may have bitten off more than they could chew with choosing this show, but, whatever goes well, goes well because of RICH. He has put more hours and heart into this show than anyone else.  In fact, he generally does, no matter what the show. I have a great deal of affection for the guy.z

The behind the scenes crew, especially Charlie Linksaver, have made the show look and sound awesome.  Keep those lights up, Charlie!

And B:  My kids are stresses out to the moon.  We have had no lessons all week. Instead, we have done nearly everything else in the world but lessons.  And I'm GLAD.  My son, who has been very anxious about the show, right now, is laughing and playing a game with a friend.  My daughter, also STRESSED! is in the other room relaxing and giggling at some show she is watching AND writing a screenplay she would like to produce one day.

The show MUST go on!  The show WILL go on!

And we leave in about two hours.

So, this is one week, I'm THRILLED to be a homeschooling family so that we can relax when we need to...

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  1. I hope the kids enjoy the play and that it goes beautifully. And yes, it's GREAT to be a homeschooling family and be able to shove everything else aside when necessary.


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