Saturday, March 24, 2012

"Steeling" to Pittsburgh...

Several months ago our bestest friends moved to Pittsburgh. Now that the show "Annie" is over and the kids have their lives back, we came to Pittsburgh to spend some much-needed time with our friends. They live in the mountains outside of Pittsburgh and MAN it is gorgeous here. The problem seems to be that the wrinkly topography makes getting from *here* to *there* such a nightmare!

We have been out and about several times and, always, the ride seems to be circuitous and endless... But the views are fantastic.

Bonobo and I have been recovering from a rather nasty flu that we had last week.  Now, what we have left, is a rather nasty cough.  Our friends are WAY more brave than I!  If guests came to my house sounding like we do I'd get them a hotel room! 

The boys are playing and playing and playing.  My friend Julie and I are laughing and laughing...boy have I missed her!

Bonobo and I will be flying home on Thursday, March 29th, but not before we take the kids to an

Mwa haha haaaahaaaaa!

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