Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Thinking Atheist Podcast

I listened to the Thinking Atheist Podcast tonight.  I listened to the episode entitled "Living After Faith" from this week.
The best part was the end. WELL, all of it was good! But it was the end where he talks about being very open with his DISrespect of religion. It got me to thinking about how I am, avoiding conflict and all.  I know I will always dislike conflict, but I must admit, in truth, I do disrespect religion. 
OK, I said it! LOL
 P.S.  Navigator, this is for you!
  • Addendum, March 2, 2012:  My dear friend and I were talking about this further.  I must clarify.  I am not saying that I have a strong desire to publicly  disrespect religion or, in fact, anything.  But I feel OK about having no respect for religions.  Slightly different, but an important distinction nonetheless.


  1. Athiest is born of nothing. jUst nothing, nonsense. I did not type this. It came just like that.


    1. @Jaylen. You, too, are an atheist. To be "a - theist" is to be without supernatural power/higher power/imaginary friend. IF you believe in every god/goddess/daemon that humankind has imagined, you are a theist.

      If you don't believe in all those deities, you *are* an atheist of *most* gods but a few or the one you were brought up to believe in, or the one you convinced yourself is "out there."

    2. Jaylen, please remove the "questionnaire" link.

    3. "Athiest is born of nothing. Jut nothing, nonsense."

      Well, no. I was born of my parents. I was born into a family in a community, and with a brain. I became ME. I have a sense of "self", a sense of integrity, a sense of creativity...and many other things.
      I'm not debating you, Jaylen, just telling you that whatever others have told you about atheists, unless they themselves are atheists, they they really don't know.
      But YOU can know more! I encourage you to take some time and read my blog posts on atheism. I honestly think you will find that I am a deeply ethical, loving, kind person and that those assumptions that you currently have about what an atheist is won't fit me.

      I hope to see you again.

  2. I don't disrespect religion, for the most part. I basically respect all faiths, as well as agnosticism and atheism. I adamantly dislike dogmatism and prejudice, though I've met intolerant, dogmatic atheists as well as intolerant, dogmatic believers. I'm not suggesting you are that way, of course -- I just think people of various belief systems are pretty much a mixed bag. :-)

    That said, I am completely comfortable with your opinion, and I'm glad you feel comfortable expressing it. I hope you'll share more about your views on this subject.

    I love the things you have to say about your secular philosophy, and I agree that you're a deeply ethical, kind, loving person. Honestly, I've never understood why some people assume theists are more ethical or decent than non-theists. Human beings are a mixed bag, and if we have the drive to live compassionately and with integrity, we will do so, regardless of our theological beliefs. We don't need a parental figure in the sky to tell us what's right or wrong -- I think we know that through reason and empathy.

    Just my humble opinion.


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