Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Swimming in It


The World Wide Web is freaking HUGE, isn't it?

It's overwhelmingly full of information and opinions and and clip art and messages and online communities and advertisers and statistics and journals and news and sources for more news and people who want your money  and debates and educational things and...stuff.

And then there are the blogs.

Every time you click onto a blog, you are opening yourself up to another person's thoughts, to their philosophies, to their biases, to areas of interest and of non interest, to their overt efforts, to their hidden efforts, to their deeply held opinions,to their unspoken desires, to their LIFE.  It can be a bit overwhelming, really.
I enjoy reading through the blogs. I love following them from one to another to another and finding myself completely different from where I started.  It's a reader's delight.

And a reader's nightmare!  What to read?  For how long?  What will you give your time and attention to?  How many "clicks" before you leave a blog?  What is this writer trying to say? What are they trying not to say?  Are they entertaining?  Educating?   Supportive?  Lame?  Is the blog easy to navigate?  Is it pretty?  Does it contain wisdom?  Does it make you feel empowered?  Does it lose you?  I have read dozens of posts on some blogs and no more than a few words on other blogs.  Something get me.  Some blogs are wonderful places.

It seems like some blogs have a life all of their own.  They reach far and wide...

I love it, really love it, that moment when I hit on a blog that seems to speak to me. Somehow.  I love it when something just "clicks" and I feel as though this person and I would totally be friends IRL and, somehow, that doesn't seem freaky or stalker-ish at all.  It seems bloggish, in a good way.

And now you are here!  Reading this blog.  Why?  How did you get here?  What are you looking for?   What interests you about blogs???  Just curious.  I enjoy keeping my blog.  It's IRL me, only not.

I'm glad you are here...really!  Welcome!


  1. I found you through another blogger: A Different Path. I found HER through a comment she made on a blog: Skipping School. I found Skipping School because it's the same author of Eat the Damn Cake (body image commentary). I found Eat...Damn Cake through an article a local homeschooling mom posted on her FB page. And here we are.

    You home-school and you're not religious, which is the minority stance among the people I know IRL. You're one of my lifelines as I work "like a missionary" among the converted and reborn who also choose to home-school. Only I deconverted (was un-reborn?).

    I look for support on how to nurture and inspire kids without turning into a suppressive, institution-like parent.

    I also look to those, like you, with kids older than my own for reassurance that they *will* turn out okay--or exceptional--despite the so-called disadvantage of not being institutionalized (not anymore--started in school but came out in 2nd and 4th grades).

    Finally, knowing there are parents who don't believe and don't throw the Bible at every problem is like breathing oxygen. Evolution is not a bad word. Homosexuals are not destroying society. Doing good things and living your one life well comes from enlightenment beyond belief, not from the shroud of belief.

    That's why I read.

    1. Jennifer, I'm THRILLED you are here!

      That's why I write.


  2. I got here through the Carnival of Homeschooling. I think the way a blog looks is really important because it says a lot about the blogger's personality and content.


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