Sunday, April 22, 2012

EARTH Gratitude

Happy EARTH Day

It's officially EARTH DAY.
I'm NOT going to say it, the obvious question.
Every day is NOT Earth day, so let's be grateful we have this one.

In celebration of Earth Day, here are some things that I am grateful for,
in awe of, and dearly love.

  • A gentle rain, a good book, and hot tea
  • Tiny rivulets of water that lead to larger streams that lead to grand rivers.
  • Horse tail clouds.  Rainbow clouds.  All clouds.
  • Spring time breezy nights through my windows
  • Robin red breasts with extended egg bellies
  • Hyacinths
  • Wild lillies-of-the-valley.  Replanted lillies-of-the-valley.
  • Butterflies on my mailbox
  • Azaleas in their riotous colors and gorgeous shapes.
  • The litter of snow ball bushes after a spring rain...white petals scattered like a carpet...
  • The mourning dove
  • A New Moon Night
  • "Weeds"
  • That musical sound of a creek running over rock
  • Natural crevices and caves and rock overhangs
  • The water cycle
  • Rich, black Illinois dirt
  • Shady-loving hostas
  • Delicate, lacy hydrangeas, with fat leaves that prop back up after a drenching with the garden hose
  • Lady bugs
  • Lightening bugs
  • Those cool spiders that create the web that looks like a tunnel
  • Rainbow trout
  • Hoare frost
  • Plankton, it's life, it's part in the food chain, it's varied forms, it's wonder
  • Clover, that omnipresent little "weed" that bejewels and crowns our heads
  • Snow
  • Rain
  • Animals and all creatures
  • That death ends our lives and each life on earth and that we must, therefore, live our lives with compassion and with love.
  • Waterfalls and all things WATER!


 Happy Birthday to our Earth-Loving friend, 
named after the Earth goddess, Demeter:
Happy Birthday Demetri!

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