Saturday, April 7, 2012

OK, People, one more time...

OK, People, one more time.
If someone you know tells you that their feelings get hurt every so often, don't say, "YOU ARE... *frown* ... SO SENSITIVE..." *shaking head*

No, Folks.

Instead, think:

I love this person, I can be a bit more gentle today...  
They had the courage to tell me, and they trusted me enough, 
I can be a bit more kind...


  1. This struck a chord with me. For most of my life I was told, by my family, that I was too thin-skinned. To a large degree, they were right. But it became a convenient defense: blaming me for my reaction to something that had been said, when the person in question was actually being a huge jerk. Besides, why was my temperamental tendency to be very sensitive less valid and worthy of acceptance than someone else's blunt or confrontive nature?

    1. Stephanie, we MAY be sisters.
      I'm glad my post helped. It took awhile of being a parent to realize how their claim that I am "SO SENSITIVE" is simply another way of saying, "We don't change. and it's your own fault that our unkindness hurts you."
      Welcome to adulthood and better mental health!!!!


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