Saturday, June 16, 2012

I Love TOP TEN Lists

I love when people create top ten lists for their blog.  It's like condensing all of the information in their brain into a numerical digest of important facts.
I ran across a blog I enjoyed called Small World at Home that is running through this cute Top Ten List idea and I feel inspired to do the same thing, but my own way.  Since I have missed some of the scheduled activities I'll just do what is fun.  Unless I forget.


From the website project, here are the top ten lists to create:

Week 1 - Top 10 favorite websites to use for homeschooling
Week 2 - Your top 10 must have Items
Week 3 – 10 reasons my kids like being homeschooled
Week 4 – Top 10 favorite read alouds
Week 5 – 10 reasons why you chose your homeschooling method
Week 6 - The top 10 questions people ask you
Week 7 – 10 pieces of advice you would give to a new homeschooler
Week 8 – 10 reasons I am excited about this new school year
Week 9 - 10 totally random things on your mind
Week 10 – 10 things about me that you should know

 And so without further ado, 


Although I've done something like this recently, I'm doing it again.
  1. Tedtalks - the absolute BEST source of  free lectures, science research, comedy, music, points of view, courageous, and inspiring talks from around the world.  If your world is looking a big grim or small, check out Tedtalks!
  2. Project Gutenberg - offers over 39,000 free ebooks: choose among free epub books, free kindle books, download them or read them online.  Materials on this website range from periodicals to classics to technology texts.  OH, and it's free in the US!  It is a virtual torrent of information.
  3. I love online literary guides - Literary summaries, explanations, character studies, themes, etc...everything you could possibly want to know and understand about literature can be found on the webpages of these literature guides.  And most of them are free.  And there are FAR more sites than the ones I linked to.
  4. Khan Academy - Of course!
  5. The BBC News - We like the BBC news sources for their absence of US-slanted information.
  6. Science News for Kids - Science news, obviously, written at a middle school level.  News stories from around the globe and from every field of science.  We always find great stories here!  If you have a science kid, bookmark this one!
  7. Brave Writer - this extensive website has SO MUCH for the writer in your kid!  From lessons, writing prompts, a great blog, and support to classes that can be taken online.  We love this one for it's blog the I haven't spent a cent here.  But I would if any one of my kids was interested...hint, hint.
  8. - for those people in our family who dig astronomy, this website is like a treasure trove that keeps on giving ad infinitum.  Just like our universe!
  9. Classic Poetry Aloud - This website offers hundreds of poetry, read aloud by a fab English guy.  Listening to the poetry on this site makes the poetry far more accessible to us, and far less boring and dry.
  10. YouTube - I know, everyone knows YouTube, but the educational vids here number in the many thousands!!!  I'll bet we visit YouTube a dozen times a week.  If we are learning about a composer, a play write, a person in history, or any science topic, we find videos galore!


Bonobo on the right, with his best
buddy "D" on the left.
Message from Bonobo, speaking in a British accent:  Classic Poetry Aloud is far MORE boring than Mom says because the reader speaks in a very boring and dry manner. But I do listen to it sometimes anyway. Besides, we love saying "Classic Poetry Aloud Dot Com."


  1. I don't homeschool but I intend to during the six week summer vacation (not ALL the time!) so these are great resources; thanks!
    I like lists too, so might do this on my blog ( (I also feel inspired to do the same thing but in my own way!)

  2. Great list. Love the top 10 idea!

    1. Who doesn't love Top Ten Lists?! LOL

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