Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Have you heard of Postcrossing?
Are you a stamp collector?  
Do you love meeting new people?
Are you interested in other cultures and parts of the world?
Do you love receiving actual mail?
Would you love your family to learn more about geography?

If you can answer "yes" to any of these questions, have I got a deal for you!
My daughter and I stumbled upon one of the coolest, little-known projects on the web.  POSTCROSSING is an online project that connects random participants around the globe who, then, send one another post cards.  (You can check out their website to see how they do it.)

The Doctor and I have exchanged postcards with people in Russia, Indonesia, China, Thailand, Italy, Nebraska, Belize, Brazil, The Netherlands, Italy, Germany, London, Canada, Ukraine, Japan, Taiwan, and other places on this wonderful world of ours.

Our enthusiasm knows no bounds where Postcrossing is concerned!  Seriously!  We love looking through our cards and our maps and thinking about the lives of people in these other places.  The kids have taken their interest further by studying locations, hobbies, and events mentioned on the postcards by the kind people who have taken the time to mail them.

When we get settled, we plan on setting up a large map with pins for places we have sent cards and for places from which we have received cards.

One thing leads to another, and I have "friended" a few people on Facebook.  (I AM an adult, after all.)  So we have continued to develop our friendships further.  My daughter, though, had not done this.  She, instead, has continued some conversations through the anonymous Postcrossing site that allows back-and-forth econversations.

Today, The Doctor is mailing postcards to The Netherlands!

Try it:  Het is leuk!


  1. This is such an awesome concept. I love getting good mail. I went and signed up immediately after I read your post. Now I need to figure out if we have any old postcards lying about the house so I can send the first postcard. Even my kids were excited about the concept. Thanks for sharing!


    1. I know!!!!! I hope your family loves it as much as we do!

  2. It's great to hear from another Atheist. I hope all is well for you and I think you are doing something wonderful towards the progress of tolerance for non-believers. Keep it up.


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