Sunday, June 24, 2012

TEN FACTS About How We Homeschool

I have written time and again about WHY we homeschool. Oh gosh, I have written at least two dozen blog posts on that one! I've written about our favorite things. Things people say. What to do. What not to do. Advice. Like that. This post will be a little bit different. This is a here and now post, a what's up post, a what's going on post.

 This is ten things you would see 
if you were here on a day of lessons.

1.  On the table, the kids will find a page called "Assignment" for each of them. On the assignment sheet is their work for the day OR, at times, for the week. A part of the assignment is to know what needs doing and to organize their time to get things done. Here are some examples of what the kids might find on their personal assignment page:
  • Biology:  Read Pages 350-366. Do all questions at the end of the chapter. In the lab book, read the experiment all of the way through and discuss the experiment and its needs with mom. Answer the questions that Mom has written out for you. Discuss with Mom.
  • Watch YouTube videos called "The Secret Life of Bees" and "Honeybee Communities"
  • Algebra:  Reread Chapter 26. Do practice problems 20 - 45, odd only. Read Chapter 27. Do practice problems 1 - 24, odd only.
  • Watch two TEDtalks of your choice.
  • Read the attached science news (or cultural news or other news) and LET'S DISCUSS!
  • On Google Earth, let's find the "head waters" of the Mississippi River and let's follow it until it empties out into the Gulf of Mexico!
  • Listen to yesterday's three Vivaldi songs. Read Wiki about Vivaldi. Find another website on Vivaldi and explore that website. Sketch or ZenTangle as you listen if you wish.
  • Go to and find out what President Obama is doing today. Find some news stories about his activities.
  • Walk with your brother for at least twenty minutes. (Take some money and go to the ice cream store if you wish.)
  • Put away laundry from the dryer and start another load in the washer.
Once Upon A Time
This is a COOL card game!
2.  Elizabeth, further, is always reading a book and she is responsible for making progress in her book. She is also ALWAYS writing. This is a part of her lessons. She sometimes writes poetry, sometimes fan fic, sometimes an essay I have assigned. I read it, use editing marks, and we talk about how to make improvements.

3.  John is always working on news and science news. He has a variety of online news story sites that he enjoys. He and his sister also will, on occasion, watch documentaries of their choice on Netflix.

4.  SOMEWHERE in this house you will find ten thousand ballpoint pens.
But I have NO idea where they are.

5.  I have a small business and they participate in that with me. They are paid $3 an hour for their assistance whenever customers are here and $2 an hour for times when the store is "open" and no one is shopping, just for being available.

Discover (2-year)6.  We often start out the day in my room. Everyone piles in and we read from a variety of materials or play a variety of games. Among the books we are currently reading are "40 Philosophy Questions for Kids", "Sherlock Homes", and "The Little Blue Book of Logic". Among the games are Mastermind, card games, Blokus, and Labyrinth. We also read National Geographic and Discover magazines...a GREAT way to start the day! This almost always starts our day off on a happy and productive note.

7.  The kids basically graze all day. We do have lunch, but these kids are always snacking! John John loves Goldfish, peanut butter and celery, tomato soup, turkey, and carrots. Elizabeth loves oranges, raman noodles, lemonade, and yogurt.

8.  John is highly active and often does martial arts, gymnastics, or play with toys while I am reading to him. He takes EVERYTHING in the whole time.
At times I will have to stop and say, "Come on, Buddy, what did I just say?" And he will repeat it word for word...LOL. 

9.  I use textbooks. I have about a hundred different publishers in my store, but what I really and truly prefer:  textbooks. The kids use textbooks for Algebra and Math, Science and Biology, Language Arts, and anything else I like. Of course, as eclectic homeschoolers, we also use every other type of material we get our hands on!

10. After they get their work done, or often during their work, the kids are totally free to do any other activity that grabs their attention. 

We are HAPPY and LOVE homeschooling!
What does your day look like? 

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  1. Not as productive as I would like it to be, lol, but we are working on that. It's also going to change in about 6months when we move, since we promised the boys that we would get a home that had enough room for a school room/playroom -or it may be separate depending on just how much space we get...which depends greatly on where we end up. We are all looking forwarded to moving. :)

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    1. I realized that my post was more about sorting through my own stuck-spots than about your post. It was therapeutic to write it, though. Made me realize some *now* obvious flaws.

  3. What a great post! I love the sound of how you guys work together, and all the independent research the kids do. Awesome!

  4. LOL @ 10,000 pens! My house eats pens/pencils as well! I love your to do list/assignment sheet! That's BRILLIANT! I think Frodo would actually do really well with something like that .. he likes to tick off lists :D

    1. Get ahold of me on CQH and I'll send you the document I use for the assignment sheets!


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