Monday, June 18, 2012

Three TOP TEN lists

Week 510 reasons why you chose your homeschooling method
Week 6 - The top 10 questions people ask you
Week 710 pieces of advice you would give to a new homeschooler

Why I chose our homeschooling method:  ECLECTIC
  1. I HATE being told what to do, what order to do things, and what to say.  I'm pretty childish about this, actually!
  2. I LOVE being about to explore anything and everything that interests us.
  3. There is NO kid who is exactly "on grade" in every single subject.  That's just silly talk.
  4. I refuse to let someone else decide what my kids need to learn.
  5. I will not pay those prices.  The internet and the library are FREE.
  6. I am not impressed with "kits" as a whole.
  7. We can reassess and try something new without wrinkle in our journey.
  8. I don't have to participate in the endless curriculum debates.  (Perhaps this should be #1!)
  9. Less boredom.
  10. We can unschool anytime, anywhere.

The top 10 questions people ask you
  1. What curriculum do you use?
  2. What should we do for science?
  3. How do you teach math?
  4. Don't your children miss school?
  5. Having a problem?  Maybe this is the time to try "school".
  6. What grade is he in?
  7. Doesn't she miss having friends?
  8. Don't you care if they can get in to college?
  9. Are you homeschooling because YOU had a terrible schooling experience?
  10. What do you do for subjects that you are no good at?
10 Pieces of Advice You Would Give to a New Homeschooler
  1. Don't buy anything yet.
  2. Have your little ones around when you are working with the big ones.
  3. If in doubt, relax and see what happens.
  4. If you are interested in a Typical Course of  Study, Worldbook offers this "by year" break down or suggestion.
  5. Find some other homeschoolers right away if possible.
  6. Remember to fit materials to your child's interest, rather than the other way around.
  7. Critical Thinking and Character are important things to learn by living.
  8. Spend less!  Use used materials whenever possible.
  9. Appreciate the moments.
  10. Keep on loving!

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