Friday, November 8, 2013

A Perfectly Average Day

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This week the kids and I have spent some wonderful quality time together.  John has actually been quite annoyed with all conversations around the dinner table being about Elizabeth wanting to go to this school and he has asked for time away from the house with just he and I.  He had a point there and I figured that he deserved it!  It has been my pleasure.

Yesterday he was in the pool and I was sort of laying on my side watching the water as he searched for the dice in the water, raced his own time in a lap, and just practiced the dolphin leap.  The sun was at such an angle that the surface of the water was a gorgeous blue green smooth wave and John's splashes were golden white sparkles.  I was mesmerized and hypnotized!  If I were a poet I could describe it better but you would still not get it.  He was talking and swimming and laughing and all I could do was think what a perfect moment it was.  When he asked me what I was smiling about I told him that when I thought of Australia for the rest of my life, I would think of those silver gold moments in the pool.  He swam slowly up to the edge where I was lying, kissed my nose, and said, "Me too, Mom."

Before the pool time, the kids and I had gone down to a favorite restaurant haunt of mine for a nice cuppa.  While I sighed into my tea at the perfect weather, Elizabeth enjoyed some engaging moments with a small little girl in a pink tutu at the next table.  She enjoys little ones and especially digs little princesses of all kinds in girly-girl outfits!  The little girl hid behind her mom and then sneaked out to wave, smile, grin, or just look at the Pretty Big Girl at the next table.  Elizabeth kept gushing I love kids, Momma!!!

Today John and I went down to South Bank to see a special exhibit of Afghanistan Treasures at the Brisbane Science Center.  I have been wanting to see the treasures and he was enthusiastic to learn more about Afghanistan.  We read every single sign, every placard.  We viewed every single treasure.  We took our time and wandered through the exhibit and then through the streets afterwards with simple delight and JOY, our arms around each other.  On the train ride home he smiled at me with those remarkable green eyes and said, "This was the perfect day."

Upon returning home we found a very happy and relaxed Elizabeth who had enjoyed a nap (thanks to a nasty head cold) and who had had some very nice alone time.  She had read, written, and listened to great tunes...the teen perfect day trifecta.  She and I cuddled and chatted on the bed until I needed to get some dinner made.  It was such a lovely time!

When Jerry took some time away from his grueling work schedule and spent some time with the family, I knew that we would all remember this day as a wonderful perfectly average day.

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  1. What a great time you had!! I hope our daughters will still cuddle with me when they are teenagers ;-)

    1. I hope they will too!
      For all of her drama and..........DRAMA, our relationship is very strong.
      I figured out that those times when she is in tears from her anger or slamming doors and leaving the room, and other upheaval events, some hug time with me is ALWAYS welcome, however counter-intuitive that would seem at the time.

      And, besides, she is CUDDLY!


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