Sunday, November 10, 2013

You Don't Take a Picture... are given one.

The ubiquitous camera.  Just think how, just a hundred years ago, cameras were for the wealthy only.  They were so rare that many people never saw one in their lives.  Today a photograph from a cellphone can have the acuity of a very costly camera.  Optics and lenses are available to the layperson for a very affordable price.  

I don't have a single special lens, I have never taken lessons, and I often take pics from a moving car and still I have taken some spectacular shots!  Every one of these is mostly just point and shoot.
Have a look.

From Mount Gravatt

One of the crab holes on Bribie Island

Just plain old sand play

Lorikeet on Bribie Island

Anemone in an aquarium

San Fransisco's Golden Gate Bridge

Your basic sunny day at Wynnum

Liz at Moffat Beach

Tasmanian Devil


Cairns QLD, nearing eclipse

Green Island

Tree bark at Cairns Botanical Garden

Rotarua New Zealand

Liz at Waikato Beach New Zealand

Waikato Beach, New Zealand

Papamoa Beach, New Zealand

Papamoa Beach nearing sunset

Waipu Beach New Zealand at sunrise

Waipu Beach just past sunrise

Liz at tidal pools at Moffat Beach

In the car, headed into sunset

jellyfish at Bulimba
Oxford Street, Bulimba

Moograh Dam


In a Melbourne mall

Chelsea Beach, Victoria

Lorne Victoria

Elizabeth at Chelsea Beach, Chelsea Victoria

At Heritage Farm, Phillip Island, Victoria

John at Otwel Lighthouse in Victoria

Otwel Lighthouse

London Bridge in Victoria

A part of the Twelve Apostles rock formation

The Twelve Apostles
Lucy at the playground

Redcliffe Beach

Playground at Redcliffe

The Brisbane Eye at South Bank, reflecting

tea at Oxford Street

Elizabeth at Minnippi Parklands

Marina at Lota

Wellington Point


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I have hundreds of others!  My point?
Technology ROCKS my socks!  I have been given the opportunity to be there for each of these shots and to actually TAKE THEM.  Or...I have been given them...

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