Friday, November 22, 2013

Homeschooling at Tangalooma Island Resort

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Our family went on holiday with some family friends to a gorgeous resort called Tangalooma Island Resort.  There we got to do LOTS OF THINGS that people in St. Louis never really get to do in our hometown.

Dolphin feeding, fish tours, sand tobogganing, snorkeling The Wrecks, swimming in the sea with starfish, helicopter rides over the desert and the ocean, quad biking in the desert, feeding of the fishes and birds, para sailing, enjoying mind-blowing sunsets over the bay, or hanging out with Australia friends!

We had a positively amazing time and I took at least 900 pictures.  I will share only a few of the pics just to give you an idea of how spectacular it really was!

Getting onto the launch

Dolphins playing near the jetty

Elizabeth, Makaede, Tanaya, John

Gorgeous tropical trees, The Wrecks in the distance

Brisbane CBD in the distance, about an hour by launch

Feeding the dolphins!

After feeding the dolphins

This is a dugong.  I couldn't get a decent shot!

Sea Turtle

Snorkeling in The Wrecks

The Clarks helicoptered!

John and I Kayaked The Wrecks

Great birds out there!

Jer and John John went parasailing!

This is them parasailing in the distance!

Jer, John, and I went snorkeling

We are all mad for Brisbane and now we are also mad about Tangalooma.  As our time here is dwindling down to just a few months, we are considering all of the travel plans that we are hoping for.  It has made us to reconsider things that we have hoped to do.  It is possible that we will get back to St. Louis without ever seeing the Sydney Opera House.  But I'm pretty sure we will have a few other stories to tell!

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  1. oh wow, I think I may have found our next big family holiday. Thanks!!!

  2. Your family is having an amazing adventure and fantastic memories.

  3. Brisbane is the place I call home, but I would still say you shouldn't miss Sydney Opera House, at least from the outside. I love the view of it from Taronga Zoo. Maybe you could combine a trip through the Sydney CBD with a ferry trip across to the zoo and then back. My children are quite young so we only got around about 1/2 of the zoo done in a full day but with yours being older you could do it all. And it is a very old zoo so a different feel to the more modern Australia Zoo that you have probably visited in Qld.

    Nice to find you here via the Aussie Homeschool Bloggers link up.

    Best wishes
    Jen in NSW


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