Saturday, July 5, 2014

An Unfortunate Necessary Evil

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Recently a friend asked me for some advice.
She wanted to know what she could do with her kindie daughter because her daughter loves magic and she has a fascination with all things that sound like religion and pomp. My friend was frightened and wanted a quick book or movie to inoculate her daughter against the rush of religious thinking, to teach her daughter critical thinking and secularism, to make sure that her daughter wouldn't be trapped in the quagmire that is my friend's fearful view of religion and religious indoctrination. She wanted to prevent her daughter from having to work her way through the intoxicating influence that some religions offer to children of impressionable age.

I told my friend this.
RELAX! Kids dig pretend. It's a normal, healthy developmental stage, not to be feared.
Teach natural law, water cycles, nitrogen cycles, science, all of that good stuff and there will no absolutely no reason why your daughter won't figure out the truth for herself.  

No negative messages about religion are necessary! And isn't that a relief. Because, without regular religious instruction, I am convinced that every child would remain an atheist.

Nature is a complex-mosaic of a place and there are so many things to learn about! The other day I was taking a walk through a nature park and remembering the many walks I had taken there with my growing children as we talked about the pond life, the dropping leaves, the insects and their role in the woods, the mammals in woods, birds, weather, atmosphere, etc...  SO many different components to understanding how beautifully nature works. Understanding the complexity and essential qualities of nature take some time, but are so very instructive when seeking to understand how the world works.

Patterns and cycles can be found everywhere from atoms to galaxies. Natural laws abound. Exquisitely consistent and coherent systems operate all around us without our awareness or our complete knowledge.

In the American culture, it is essential that our children wade through the cultural religiosity pervasive in this country. There is no way to avoid it. But a solid foundation of science and wonder and awe with the natural world does more than inform the mind, it also inoculates our children from buying into snazzy, shrewd propaganda designed to capture their minds.

Because Science.

What do you think?
Do you think that this is enough?
Please leave your thoughts, I enjoy hearing from you.

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  1. Science is more wondrous than "magic"! It'll all work itself out. ;)


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