Wednesday, July 9, 2014

The Counsel Has Spoken

I am still Homeschool Atheist Momma!

John is in the middle of a series of sleepovers with friends. It's summer time and we are living in that house that is always cray cray with people over. No sooner is one person packed and out the door when another person brings their bags over and occupies the temporary bedding. 

Meals are eaten like a hunger/gatherer society, hungry kids scrounging what is in the frig and from whatever stuff I put out onto the table for people to find. Sometimes I feel like I'm feeding puppies.

They come in with hunger on their minds and twitching noses. Sounds are made at the table for a few moments, then OUT the door again leaving crumbs on the floor. It's getting a bit nutty.

BUT, kids are happy, weather is co operating, and our house if full of fun and games and laughter and light.

We did a cool thing the other night. It was kind of costly, but the result was COOL and one of a kind! And John was DELIGHTED.

We went to, a design your own t-shirt site. The boys sat together and designed a tshirt that represents the funniest thing they have said lately as they played games, including gibberish like that is AWANSOME and I said SPAP! and Send in the level killers! On the back of the tshirt is the name that they have given to their friend group:  The Counsel.

The words on the tshirt make absolutely no sense to anyone else who sees it. But it's pretty clear that the shirt is essential to the boys, to The Counsel.

It cost me about a hundred bucks, but the results:  Priceless.

How is your summer going?
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