Saturday, July 19, 2014

The Great Balancing Act

I am still Homeschool Atheist Momma!

This homeschool blog has become quite over-focused on atheism lately and I apologize. Sometimes I get tunnel-vision and I need a swift kick to get me out of it. Usually my swift kick comes from my husband. He’s my go-to guy to find my way out of the muddles that I create for myself.

But today I got that swift kick today during a conversation with my kids.

We have been having such a busy summer and we all felt the need to find a new balance somehow.

Elizabeth is working very hard on three large projects that keep us all hoping with her schedule and that leaves very little time for me to do lessons with John John.

People often ask me if we homeschool during the summer and the answer is YES. We homeschool all year round.

John and a BEST FRIEND
John is working on Pre-Algebra, US Government, writing, and gymnastics this summer. His lessons keep him busy enough to feel productive and free enough to get together with friends and have a nice summer. He is quite happy with the work that he has to do and I am thrilled with some of the sources we have used for the US Government.

The swift kick came when we started talking about how our schedule has been overwhelming us all a bit and I realized, for myself, that I have not been focusing on homeschooling at all!  I mean, AT ALL. My brain is just not there.

The work that John has been doing has been poorly planned by me; he has been an absolute trooper by continuing to soldier on with my attention being elsewhere.

Because of the busy schedule that I’ve been keeping, I have found it very difficult to keep my focus on John’s lessons; and he wants to stay on task.

He asked for my help!  So we have juggled our time around so that he and I could have some time together.

And I’m glad, because I’ve been missing that boy!

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