Sunday, February 8, 2015

A Thank You Note to LIFE

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My life is so good and I love it so much that the way I live it is my way of saying THANK YOU life.

Tonight I am overwhelmed with gratitude. 
Life isn't perfect and every single thing isn't shiny and white. But I don't need perfection and sparkles to be grateful to life, to our family, to my wonderful spouse, to myself. I am certain that happiness in life doesn't just happen. I think that gratitude makes life happier.

Even if it sounds weird, I have some things that I want to share with you that I am so grateful for. Some of them are so obvious, some less so. 

  •  I am SO freaky grateful to have the spouse that I have. He and I are so well in-tune and we support one another so fully. We are incredibly different from one another and I think that it is those very differences that make us so well matched.
    I don't even think I could be married to someone like me.  ;)
    I am so grateful that I get to be married to him.
  • I am so freaky grateful to my children for their incredible honesty, challenges, depth, integrity, strengths and weaknesses, curiosity, enthusiasm, deep love, struggle, effort...
  • I am grateful for this gigantic seashell that my friend Maryvonne gave to me. Every. Single. Time I see it I feel a warmth and glowing in my heart because I know that it was given to me straight from her heart.
  • I am sincerely grateful for my brain, no matter how poor my memory...
  • I'm freaky thankful for our sun. Think about it for a moment. Our sun is life. Ditto our atmosphere.
  • I'm thankful for the sun today, specifically. Here, during February, usually an icy cold time of year, we had springlike weather. I'm not grateful for climate change; I'm grateful for a respite from the freezing temperatures. My mood is improved.
  • I have overwhelming gratitude for the internet.
    I truly have no idea why we have it, how we have it, how it really works, or exactly what it is. But I am massively in love with the ability to learnlearnlearn and to find wonderful community with amazing human beings.
  • I am so thankful to my friend Lara for homeschooling; if she hadn't taken the road less traveled it is unlikely that our family would have even known about it. I am grateful to Lara for a million other things too.
  • I am grateful for my life. I get to live it.
  • I am extremely, extremely grateful that my husband's ex-wife is able to have a very caring relationship with us. I know that it is because of our deliberate work to keep things healthy that our family is as happy as it is.
    I love Jessica and Tim as though they were my very own. In fact, they are mine.
    I am overwhelmingly thankful for the words that my stepdaughter spoke to me tonight.
  • I am exceedingly grateful for freethought, for freedom from idolatry, for the ability to see the Great Oz.
  • I am grateful for the serenity and peace in our hearts in this household. I am especially grateful for this when someone needs to express intense pain, anger, confusion, loneliness, etc.
    Each of us knows that all emotions are welcome here.
  • Though it may sound weird, I'm grateful for books. Really, BOOKS! What treasures they can be. What a beautiful thing they can be.
  • I am grateful beyond words for our time in Australia and our time in New Zealand. Those lands have truly impacted us for ...ever.
  • I am thankful for this moment, for my awareness of it, for its preciousness...

This world is so wondrous.
I wish more people could experience the sublimity, the inestimable beauty of life with gratitude.
Thanks, Life.

I hope you can look around you at this moment 
and find many things that bring gratitude to your heart.

Would you share some?

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  1. Love it! Wonderful post. Even though I don't have kids, I love your blog!
    Cindy in Ohio

  2. I adore this post! So many wonderful things to be thankful for! I share your gratitude for many of those things! =) I would add that I am very thankful for you!!! =)

  3. Thank you, Thank you. I really needed to read this post! I've been feeling under the weather since Christmas and to be honest it's be a drag. After reading your post I decided to just list all the things I'm thankful for and I feel 110% better. I love your blog!

  4. The world is wondrous. We are very fortune pieces of star stuff. :)


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