Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Doing the Civics 1: Homeschooling Freshman High School

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John and I have been working on what we generally think of as high school Freshman course work. English and Writing, Biology, JAVA, Algebra, Literature, and Civics. He has several other projects that he is working on on his own also: a writing project, some game development, and some online video blogging. I've got Civics on My Own Mind this evening.

I've already talked about how our trip last year to Philadelphia fueled his interest in American History (We'd love to get to Boston, DC, and the beautiful state of Virginia soon) and that interest of his has made it so easy to "teach" American history to him because he cares! Because he can relate to the place and the time now. John has figured out that the events of the past really do matter in today's world. What a lucky kid John is. Imagine if, when you were learning Civics, you got to visit the actual location of the events that you were learning about!

I feel like the coolest mother with the coolest partner in the world...because we get to give these experiences to our child. And this kid appreciates them! I am fully aware that my privilege is showing when I say this because I come from a place of want. I'm overwhelmed with gratitude for my husband's brain and excellent business acumen that allows us to have these extra special opportunities.

Anyway, we are using a Civics textbook that I bought on The textbook is Civics: Government & Economics in Action by Prentice Hall Publishers, Third Edition, 2007. I got it used from Amazon for less than $15.00. We also use the many online resources at our disposal from to the many, many excellent videos on youtube. Today we watched videos about Shay's Rebellion and the 1787 Constitutional Convention.

Why am I mentioning this?
Because John is not the only teen living in this house. My daughter is also here and we also have a teen friend living with us.
Today during our lessons today John and I were watching a video on youtube by a teacher named Keith Hughes. Mr. Hughes has been teaching for over fifteen years and he is engaging as heck! I know because the other teens in this house were so entertained by him that we all watched several of his videos in a row...voluntarily!  LOL

While we also LOVE John Green's Crash Courses, I personally find that they move super fast; they are entertaining, but DENSE. We do watch the Crash Courses on occasion because John Green is amazing.

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