Monday, November 16, 2015

Second Dem Debate: As We See It

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What a crazy, frightening, emotional week it has been here on the globe. From the ongoing violence in Syria to Paris to Turkey to the debate stage in Iowa, our family has spent so much time figuring out how to manage, address, and move forward from action on the global stage. Tonight John and I are watching the Democratic Presidential Debate on youtube, the debate that aired live this past weekend.  #Demdebate

When John and I watched the Republican debate a few weeks ago I kept a running report of comments that John made. I don't know about you, but I found his thoughts and comments interesting and it was fun to share that. SO, just to be fair I am doing the same thing tonight:
I'm for Bernie!

  • On O'Malley and the minimum wage: You know, I like him.
  • I feel like this debate has been a lot more respectful than the other one because they have not ragged on one another but there has been debate of the issues.
  • I love Bernie Sanders and his words and sound bites. If I was of voting age I might consider voting for him at this point in the game, but Hillary really does sound like she knows what is going on; she sounds presidential.
  • To Hillary: She is a bitch though.
  • On O'Malley:  I like him, he has things that I agree on, but I can't see his personality in the White House.
  • On Clinton:  No thanks.
  • I like Bernie; I'm a fan. I came into this debate liking him and I'm going out of it liking him more, now I feel more informed. Hillary does not impress me. I have a hard time trusting her.
  • When I compare the Democratic debate with the Republican debate, I'm so impressed with the leadership offered by the Democrats.
  • Sanders really has the support of the young; my generation loves him.
Did you watch with your kids?
What did they think?

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