Sunday, July 10, 2016

A to Z of Atheist Homeschooling

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For a little bit of fun I am going to spend time creating an A-Z post with things related to Atheist Homeschooling, or to just homeschooling in general. I should mention that I'm watching Bob Ross painting some happy little trees at this moment, so I'm feeling super laid back...and in love with squirrels.

  • A - Algebra: I've mentioned this many a time, but I'm definitely not a math lover and this can be a detriment to my kids with their skill-building. Both Elizabeth and John have far better math abilities than I do. Elizabeth, though, struggles with Algebra. Right now she is taking Intermediate Algebra at the community college. Her dad is helping her a bit today...and we have an appointment to meet a new algebra tutor on Tuesday.
  • B - Books: Do most people have this many books in their homes? I wonder. I used to think I could never have enough books; I often told myself that little fib when shopping late at night. I know better now. You CAN have too many.
  • C - Co-op: Although we are not active in a co-op at this time, time was the co-op was our entire life. It was our social, our classes, our friends, our down time. If I hadn't found our secular homeschool group I might have not been as confident as I am. I learned so much from those families.
  • D - Documentation: As you know, different states ask for different documentation for homeschooling families. You can find out what is required in your state here on the HSLDA website.
  • E - Expense: The amount of money that a family spends on homeschool is so unique from other families. I know of families that spend tens of thousands of dollars on science equipment, materials, books, lessons, travel, etc, and who have spectacular libraries and I know of families who are very frugal and find other ways to meet the needs of their children.
  • F - Friendships: My kids always had friends from our co-op community, friendships that have been so special and in-depth. Oh and FIELD TRIPS.
  • G - Grades? Totally unnecessary. Unless you want them, totally your choice.
  • H - John Holt: GOOD reading.
  • I - Internet: In-freaking-valuable. When I was a kid I'll bet homeschoolers had very little in terms of resources available to them. Today our children can find information and connections ad infinitum online.
  • J - Joy Hakim: Her science and history books are priceless.
  • K
  • L - Library: FREE materials, excellent reading groups, art, magazines, games. I hope your community has at least one great library.
  • M - Methods: Unit studies, Charlotte Mason, School-at-home, Classical, Unschooling.
    And yet, eventually, most homeschooling families develop their own method, a no-name, unique, personalized method.
  • N - Nature. Rocks, clouds, animals, weather, stars, germs, dirt, flowers, insects, wind, creeks, caves, prairies, mountains, gardens, seeds, eggs, birds, zoos, farms, oceans, rivers, fish, minerals, shells, fossils, strata, the water cycle, nitrogen, all things anatomy, the atmosphere, oxygen, fungus, seasons, the moon, the sun, the stars, ecology, energy, feathers, snails, trees...
  • O - Organization. Some families have special rooms, bookshelves, and file cabinets for their family homeschool. But most families that I know homeschool everywhere, every time, all over the place, no special room necessary.
  • P - Pencils, pens, and markers: I can buy hundreds and hundreds of them and still not be able to find a decent one when I need it.
  • Q - Homeschool quotes, I love them. One of my favorite by an Apologia science (LOL) is this one:  If the purpose for learning is to do well on a test, we've lost sight of the real reason for learning. OR this one by John Holt: What children need is not new and better curricula but access to more and more of the real make it easier for them to get where they want to go and to find out what they want to find out.
  • R - Record keeping: when I first started homeschooling the record keeping was a nightmare. Now the online resources make it easy and intuitive.
  • S - Secular curriculum? Don't confuse secular with atheist because lots of publishers and friends will be willing to overlook lots of religion in their books...
  • T -Testbooks: I make no secret of it, I think that many of the homeschool books and curriculum are completely unnecessary, unnecessarily expensive, and not atheist enough for me.  :)
  • U - University: There is no reason why a homeschooled child can't go to college. I think that many people say this to frighten us, but I guarantee you, colleges are hep to our youth.
  • V - Volunteering, Mentoring, 
  • W - What grade are you in? Erm....?
  • X
  • Y - YouTube and TEDtalks and Crash Courses and The Learning Company and all of the excellent free or affordable resources available online.
  • Z

That was fun...kind of.
Still digging the happy little trees; you can put one where ever one lives in your little world. You decide.


  1. Love, love, love this post! So full of golden nuggets of truth, and yet, whimsical at the same time. We have three years under our belts and I so LOVE the eXcellent homeschooling lifestyle! (I tried to go for an appropriate adjective beginning with x, but, no dice.) Thank you for a truly delightful post to read on a Sunday morning. ❤️

  2. You can't have too many books...just not enough bookshelves. :) That's one good thing about ebooks though. You can have thousands of books on only one book sized device. But I like paper books too.


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