Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Aaaaand More Questions...

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I KNOW I'm asking alot of questions lately, maybe that is tedious to you, but that's just what's going on in my head. So deal with it because I've got a few more questions for you in this blog post. I'm going to avoid the bigger questions like WHY is Donald Trump seriously the Republican nominee for PRESIDENT of our country, Why do so many people prefer faith over knowledge, WTF racism?, why are there so many people on this planet, why can't we be kinder?, Why would ANYONE use drugs?, why do my ear buds disappear so frequently and Where the hell is my phone charger, and I'll just focus on some questions that you may have thought of, I'm not claiming uniqueness here, but that I'm thinking this morning.

I got up at 4am to take JD to the airport (he's flying out to visit some family in Arizona) and my mind has just been thinking about weird and absurd things that don't make sense to me. Most of these thoughts are of so little importance that the fact that I'm even bothering to write them down tells you how random my brain is.

Things like this: Why do we wear comfy jammies only at night? Why don't we have the sense to wear these loose-fitting, pretty, and soft garments all day long? Mine are pretty and very comfortable. AAAAAnd: Why are our stoplights red and green when so many people are color blind to red and green? Why are car colors so boring? Black, grey, white, silver, red. Is that really necessary? Of course there are the few greens, yellows, oranges, but there are so many beautiful colors available for cars, our highways ought to be rainbows!

Did you ever think how weird it is that we cry? When we're sad, water falls from our eyes. Or laugh? Why do we laugh? What actually makes us laugh? Human beings are weird and interesting. For example, why do we ask total strangers How are you? and they invariably reply I'm fine. Deviating from this social script is noteworthy.

Why have we, as mammals, decided that certain parts of our anatomy needs to be shaved (like women's legs) but leave other parts of our anatomy hairy (like arms and men's chests). Weird.

Autographs. Have you ever wondered why we get autographs from famous people? What's that all about? Don't get me wrong, I have a few autographs of famous folk myself, but just...what?

Couture. Just fashion. Why? What difference does it make to us if the lapel is wide or narrow? What if teal is last season's color? What did Jada Pinkett Smith wear to the gala? Who is endorsing this lip color? What kind of beings encourage such ridiculous trends and support such industry? But mostly, who do we not laugh at the people who offer such silly ideas for clothing and tell them to kiss off?

Why do cowboys so often wear plaid? 
Why is drinking alcohol OK but smoking pot is verbotten?
Why is our computer keyboard arranged this way?
Why is music on in the elevator?
Why do female superheroes wear revealing costumes?
Alternatively, why are we so weird about our bodies?
Why are eggs and waffles breakfast food rather than dinner food?
Why do we drive on the right side of the road?
Why do we get starstruck?
Why is it that when the kids are in the house they beg to go outdoors but when they are outdoors they beg to go inside?
Will there be some format of music purchase after the CD? Because I'm not buying it.
Why is there never anything to eat in this house? I feel like I live at the grocery store.
Why do we play the "I've got your nose" game with kids?
I don't understand why we laugh at videos where people get injured...I just don't get that.
Why does our family have to stay in budget but the government can have such a radically unbalanced budget?
Why are we supposed to be so loyal to A FLAG?

Not looking for answers...just musing...


  1. I love your brain!

    Can I offer one nerdy answer? Our computer keyboard. It's my understanding that the arrangement we use, called "qwerty" for the first few letters along the top left row, came about with the typewriter. With Some letters being used more than others, they arranged them to minimize the chances of the little arm deals hitting each other. Very practical. At some point, I guess after computers became popula, and the very physical problem of typewriter keys were no longer an issue, someone rearranged them again for comfort and speed, with the most-used letters being the home keys, radiating out to the lesser used letters. This arrangement is called "Dvorak". I've never tried it myself. 😁

  2. There are other keyboards. I think Mental Floss goes through the different kinds of keyboards there are. I have to say I had a question go through my mind the other day regarding, of all things, The Wizard of Oz. What happened to Miss Gulch? I mean, she was after Toto but nothing is said after Dorothy wakes up. I mean, did she die in the tornado? It's what starts everything in motion but you never find out the resolution of that specific plot.


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