Tuesday, July 12, 2016

I Don't Get It

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OK, just a few questions...no need for you to answer them. Just bear with me and my musings.

First of all, it's not fair and I don't understand it but why do men get more attractive as they age? Grey hair and wrinkles. It's just not right.

And another thing, why did they used to dye pistachios red? It was weird and your hands and mouth would stain and...it was all red. What was that all about?

Also, what freakish set of circumstances came together to make our presidential candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton? What the hell, Folks? 
Is someone punking us?

In fact, almost everything political. Really? Is this the best we can do? Doesn't it seem like only untrustworthy people are seeking leadership positions in this country? Why is that? Just exactly what kind of satisfaction is there in having power unless to use it wisely?

And how can the so-called 1% not appreciate how their greed and avarice affects the entire country? They have tremendous opportunity to do amazing things through philanthropy and good works. How cool could that be? What sort of satisfaction comes from having so much? Doesn't it kind of lose its meaning after a few billion?

And did you ever notice that the word commence can mean to begin something or to end it?

Another thing. Is it just me or does it seem like some restaurants are unnecessarily dark? And why do restaurants play the music so loud? It's not possible to think or, say, talk to your friends when the volume of the music is so loud. 
Dang, I'm getting old.

One big question, why is the cup of tea that I make at home never as delicious as the pot of tea from a tea shop?

And think of this, the only reason the USA isn't using the metric system is because of hard-headed people who are unwilling to learn something new. The metric system is simple, intuitive, oh, and global. When will we finally embrace the metric system?

Another question: when I buy an ebook, essentially electronic pulses, why does that book cost so much money? 

Why are people so devastated about schools not teaching cursive handwriting? What is the big deal? Even though schools aren't focusing on cursive, I'm sure it will be back one day. It's just a different paradigm. And the pendulum will keep swinging; things change all of the time and our kids are all far better typists than we will ever be.

Also why and WTF is going on with heroin? Why is such a hideous and destructive opiate so popular? And knowing how terrible it is, why would anyone give it a go?

And what is the deal with almond milk? How do you get milk from an almond? And why is it so delicious?

On top of that, why does my cell phone autocorrect to ducking? Seems like flicking or flacking would make more sense, Autocorrect.

Plus, is it just me or does it help me drive better when I turn down the air conditioning blowing in my face? I think better and problem solve behind the wheel better when I turn down the AC.

And two thoughts and two questions about music. First, and I hate to repeat what so many others have said before me, but is the grocery store music starting to be really, really good? I'm loving it. And second, does the new music that the kids listen to all kind of sound the same? 
Is this one true just because I'm getting older?

A bit question: why oh WHY do my passwords have to be so freaking complicated? Capital letter, a symbol, a number, a blood sample, and a secret handshake. Sure, if my bank wanted such a complicated password it would be OK. But the book store account? My doctor's portal? My Walgreen's account. KISS OFF, all of you.

Another query: what is with all of the sequel movies? Can't they think of new and fresh ideas? Why all of the films ending in the word TWO? Where are the creative geniuses in the movie industry?

Question: The Kardashians? 

And just why do I think that things should make sense? Life itself is a mystery. Surely life here on Earth didn't just spring to...life from non-life. But what? Where? How? Whaaa?

And one more thing, who first called our planet Earth?

Give me another 24 hours and I'll have an entirely different list. These were the questions that I found myself thinking about this afternoon as I was, again, at the grocery story. I had a few more questions but I can't remember them. It was a short trip to the grocery, but fear not, I have so many questions in my mind...there will be more!

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