Saturday, July 30, 2016

I've Come to a Few Decisions

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In the past two days I've come to two very important decisions. Two subjects that I have an inordinate amount of thought into, both subjects that are both either/or, black/white, no middle ground. Those decisions are rare. Those decisions take time and I'm delighted to finally figure myself out.

For my first major decision...drum roll...
I'm pleased to report that I have decided to stop coloring or highlighting my hair. I've decided to just let the grey happen. I am lucky enough that the grey is happening slowly and it's just time to embrace the graceful grey once and for all.

And finally, finally, I've decided to put myself fully behind Hillary.

In the beginning of her serious presidential run I had to admit that I didn't trust Hillary Rodham Clinton and I was also certain that I didn't know exactly why I didn't trust her; was I one of the millions of victims of the so-called media smear? I was willing to acknowledge that I didn't know Hillary except for what I'd read in various media sources. Of course, there's no way to know her any other way. So I decided a few months ago to open my eyes and ears and to really listen.

Anyway, now I'll finally get some sleep tonight.


  1. I wish I could do that with my hair but alas, I'm not ready for that jump. I started getting grey hair at 14. I'm not jijing. My mother found it and gleefully plucked it from my head. I have more grey hair than my husband when I don't dye it and he's 52. I'm not even 36. As it is, due to the texture of my hair, I only dye it a few times a year. I'm well overdue but I'm holding out until closer to the start of school. But seriously I rarely even get carded but my husband does. Not fair at all.

    1. No way! You MUST be jujing. ;)

      My sisters both started getting grey about twenty years ago while I, the oldest, didn't. YES, I am bragging. ;)

      If I was 36 I'd still color...for about twenty more years!!!!! <3

    2. I wish I was! My younger sister was in her 20's when she finally started getting grey hair. She took more after our dad who had a bit less grey hair than my mom. We were finally getting her to stop dying her hair when she was 56, I think. By then, it was all white. She had been dying it blond. Well, there was that time she tried to dye it black like she used to in high school but that had disastrous results.

      I have areas that are more heavily grey than others. It's very annoying as it tends to be near my part. But yeah, not quite ready to give up on the dying. Though I don't know what I'll do when the hair goes white enough for me to need to go blond. As short as I keep my hair, that might freak a few family members out. My mom was in her early 40's when she started dying her hair blond because at that point, she had more white hair than dark.

    3. If I had grey or white I would be OK...but instead it just looks drab brown....... :(
      Oh well, at least I still have some. :)

  2. I applaud your courage to be your naturally-occurring self via your hair color. Although I haven't died in hair in...hmmm... close to a year, I've been meaning to, but just been too busy and lazy to do it. Ha ha! I'm sure I will again, because my minuscule amount of vanity manifests itself in my hair, and I'm just not to the "who gives a f---" point yet.
    Regarding Hillary--she's a complicated subject. In watching the various speeches of the convention on YouTube, two lines got me. First, when Michelle Obama said "She has never quit on anything in her life". Wow. We've certainly seen this play out in public with both her personal and professional parts of her life. No matter your politics, such perseverance is a truly admirable quality. And the other line that hit me was when President Obama said there's "never been a man or a woman — not me, not Bill, nobody" who is more qualified to be president than Hillary Clinton. Oh my stars and stripes! I think he just might be right.
    Yes, her email stuff leaves a lot to be desired, especially from a smart individual who had to know at the time that she would run for president again. Why give them ammunition? On the other hand, she didn't do anything that Secretaries Powell and Rice hadn't done before her. And I don't recall anyone going ape-shit when they had private email servers. Or when people died overseas at other diplomatic outposts during their tenures. To paraphrase that annoying catchy 90's song, she gets knocked down and she gets up again--they're never gonna keep her down. I choose her strength, fortitude, and imperfection over racist, sexist, fear-mongering, violence-inciting, juvenile antics.

    1. RE: HRC: I agree with you. President Obama said some things that really hit home with me too.

      RE: HAIR: Unfortunately my hair isn't a gorgeous gray like my sisters' hair...mine is more mousy grey and drab. My color is fading rather than going grey... ICK. But I'm going to embrace that and just be ME. :)

    2. Have to agree with you regarding Hillary. I did take a little time to listen to the live feed from when she was here in my town and she made some good points then too. I do have to wonder if she would get half the trouble she does from people if she had been a male. I remember a discussion with my mom and brother on why a woman couldn't be president and the idea was it was because a woman was too easily compromised. Now, they meant more with sex but I think this kind of is the case here too but she hasn't let it stop her and that's pretty dang admirable!


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