Friday, March 29, 2019

What Makes You Laugh?

I'm in a writing group with a couple of friends, one where we give each other prompts and then write for a certain length of time...
Anyway, about two years ago, I was given the prompt Write What Makes You Laugh and Why is That Funny to You. I recently discovered these three pages of loose writing stuff in a pile of junk on a kitchen shelf as I was spring cleaning, pages where I answer this question. 

I LOVE that I write because I truly have a terrible memory and I forget some of the best stuff. Here is an excerpt of what I wrote to that prompt and I do hope you find it as wonderful as I do:

My husband makes me laugh.

There is a bag of Reece's Peanut Butter Cups in my kitchen and I'm powerless to them. I asked my daughter to hide them from me and, yet, I saw them immediately. (I wasn't even looking for them!) So I asked John to hide them and I found them in a thing that I used almost daily - though he doesn't use it at all, so it didn't occur to him. I asked my husband to hide the bag.

The next day I find the bag! Holding it and going into the living room, I'm exclaiming
LOL You guys suck at hiding these things! and I tell the story of finding the candy and everyone is laughing.

I say,
And Jer! You hid it in the easiest spot yet!
He shrugs, smiles, and continues what he was doing.
I sit down to read and to eat my Reeces's. When I open the bag I discover that he has replaced the candy with a small bag of rice!

Me makes me laugh at myself.
He helps me to see my own ridiculousness.

I left that bag on the end table in the living room and I laugh out loud -- for real -- every time I see it.

Honestly, his humor is like love to me. His face in mirth is beautiful and makes me entire body feel full of love and laughter.
 What Makes You Laugh?

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