Saturday, March 2, 2019

This One and Only Life

Like everyone else in the country, this week I've been keeping track of Michael Cohen's testimony before Congress. His testimony of his and Donald Trump's lawbreaking capers continue to shock and amaze me. What the heck? How does a person make those decisions in their life? How does a person move through their life in such a way? How does one get to a place in life where they fully embrace such dastardly acts?

You know, I'm a simple girl.
I believe in the goodness of people.
But there's a simple reason for my being that way.

We have this one life.
One life.
One life to live.

Why in the WORLD do people take this one life and use it to gather power? I specifically no not understand a thirst for power. And why do people take this one life to gather treasure, to oppress, to fuck people up, to #liecheatsteal, to horde, to abuse, to go to war, to deprive others of necessary things they need for their lives, to hate others, to remain ignorant, to victimize, to do obviously unfair things, to separate peoples, to defraud people in any way, to allow philosophies to divide us, believing one's self to be above others or naturally privileged in any way, to be cruel, to inflict physical or psychological damage on someone, to judge. I truly do not understand why anyone would waste their time in these ways.

Moving through life in pursuit of anything less than goodness makes no sense to me.

With concessions to all people who suffer from chronic illness or other issues that make it difficult, our one, single life seems a dang shame to waste on misery. On creating misery, perpetuating misery, being ok with misery. Our one single life. Bringing pain or abuse to other people: what a weird waste of such a finite resource as our one life.

Look, I read the news. I stay informed. I see that these thoughts are absolutely naive. Yet here we are.

Yeah, that's about all I have to say about that.

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