Thursday, September 13, 2012

Are the Typical Courses of Study in High School Pointless?

I LOVE this article and I must pass it along to everyone who reads this blog.
The article is entitled "Why Kids Hate School - Subject by Subject" by Valerie Strauss from The Washington Post .

 For a quick summary:

So here’s my advice: Learn what matters to you.
 If you want to graduate from high school,
 go ahead and memorize a lot of nonsense
 but don’t expect it to matter a bit when high school is over.

 Would love to hear your thoughts on the matter...
and I will be back with comments of my own when I have a moment. 

Comments I am writing later:
I have a high school aged child myself.  We spend lots of time reviewing materials and reading texts.  It is from reading some of these texts that I have formed my opinions on this matter.
Having a masters degree myself, I, certainly, wish my own children to create lives for themselves that they consider "successful", however they define that.
As for how this effects our homeschooling, I find that I am far more focused on guiding my children towards learning skills on how to learn, how to evaluate information, how to research and locate reputable sources, how to note take, how to listen for facts, outlining, etc.
In other words, how to be a successful college student.
I'm not saying that The Doctor is ready for uni, but that she is getting an appreciation for what it will take to be a successful college student.


  1. Read the article aloud to my husband (who was/is a natural with math but otherwise detested school's busy work). He agrees, and adds, "It's costly, but the only way I learn is by doing AND by making MISTAKES."

    Unfortunately, to get into a position to "learn by doing" one must prove worthy by going through the college classes to get an apprenticeship. Perhaps that will evolve as portfolios and proof-of-work take the place of busywork classes.

  2. I agree to a point... I think a lot of stuff taught in High school is pointless, but at the same time your English and Math needs to be up to par for college (if your planning on college) Unfortunately, most good paying professions require a college education. I think learn the basics, add what interest you, and wait to see what else you need when it is time for college ;)

    Keri :)

    Check out~> community for parents and kids who homeschool high school.


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