Monday, September 24, 2012

Free, Online Courses: Coursera

A colleague of my husband (Stephanie!) told us about an online source for college courses that one can take for free.  It's called Coursera.   They offer courses by top professors at top universities. 
We spend some time looking at their offerings to day and The Doctor made the decision to take two courses with them:  Logic with a professor at Stanford University and Greek and Roman Mythology with a professor at the University of Pennsylvania.

She and I started watching the first week of lectures for Logic and she thought they were very easy to follow and she totally "got it".  And that is FAR better than I can say for myself the first time I took college Logic...  (I had to drop it for failing...sob, circa 1981.)

The Doctor was pretty thrilled to discover she had covered much of the material already with our own work and with a math class at our home last semester that my friend, Karen Brandt, taught.

A HUGE THANK YOU to Karen Brandt!

So, The Doctor will be working on these two courses independently over the next ten weeks...
I'm very proud of her desire to take control of her own education!
Also, WOW am I feeling inspired to take a course too...LOL


  1. HI! I just wanted to stop by and say THANK YOU for posting this, not only am I very excited to find other atheist parents but it's awesome to find resources for continued learning. I'm in week two of the Intro to Evolution class and signed up for Drugs & The Brain in November. I've been telling everyone I know too! Who knew this opportunity was available?? I love free learning, thank you!

    1. I'm thrilled to know you are passing it along! Such an amazing opportunity.
      I, myself, am taking (retaking) a Logic course and doing terrible! But I have a few more courses I want to take after the new year.

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