Tuesday, September 18, 2012

I Know a Homeschooling Mom

I’ve been meeting many new people while here in Australia, and I have discovered (call that rediscovered) a singular homeschooling fact:  

Homeschooling Mothers are AMAZING!

Homeschool mothers have an astonishing ability to make things happen.
I know of mothers who have created theater groups and learning groups, mothers who have taken kids on cross-country trips, mothers who have established small businesses, mothers who are organized enough to educate children of many different ages and skill levels, mothers who are trendy and current, mothers who are willing to take on any Establishment in order to get the needs of their children met, mothers who research and learn continuously, mothers who improve themselves and their understanding of the needs of their children and of themselves, mothers who sacrifice their own careers to improve the lives of their children, mothers who have not sacrificed their own careers in order to pass along important lessons to their children, mothers who have the ability to create opportunities from scratch and hard work that are not already available in the world at large, mothers who have amazing integrity, mothers who are familiar with guerilla education-fare, mothers who are operating on no sleep or on all four engines running, and mothers who have the ability to create and re-create auspicious learning environments, perhaps daily!  

I know of mothers who cry and fret about their fears and concerns and difficulties regarding homeschool and get up again the next day to watch and wait, lovingly trusting their children.

I know of mothers who are willing to live with the uncertainty of educational decisions a little longer as they watch their child begin to thrive.

I know of mothers who change educational paradigms again and again until finding the correct one the works for each child.

I know of mothers who are so patient and serene and whose countenance always seems to exhibit love and kindness.

I know of mothers who are a but nutty, extremely unique, and who give homeschooling it’s color and grandeur.  

I know of mothers who have followed incredibly non-traditional approaches and ideas in order to do what is best for their own child.

And I know of mothers who have become warriors for their children.

Not all of the mothers that I admire are homeschooing moms, though!  I’m very certain there is something about becoming a mother that makes each one of us into something we never thought we’d be:  warriors, doctors, explorers, scientists, entrepreneurs, fighters, acrobats, advocates, politicians.  And some how, have so much love inside we weep from our efforts...

How could we know how much homeschooling would do for us?


  1. I know that homeschholing has educated me as much as my kids

  2. Well said! :) and I'd have to agree with Gabriela.. we do sorta rock ;)


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