Saturday, September 1, 2012

Aussie Update

Green Road Sign - Brisbane, Australia What is going on “Down Under”?
We made the move to Brisbane on August 17th, have had no internet until now! 
Can you say JONSING?
In the meantime, we have had many, many adventures, both in San Francisco (on our layover to Australia) and in Brisbane.  Although there have been some meltdowns, I’m so proud of how the kids are handling the change and the wait.  We have been working hard to set up our household here and that has taken precedent to meeting people and getting out.
So, a huge THANK YOU to the Doctor and Bonobo for all they have put up with over these weeks.

As for lessons, I consider every moment of the last weeks as lessons.  We have experienced so many changes as well as working to get our household in order and the kids have been there every step of the way.  From the shuffle with the luggage to the setting up of a checking account, they have been a part of that.  Jerry and I are thrilled to have our kids exposed to such opportunities for growth.

As for the kids, they would say that they have learned some beginning metrics, how to speak with an Aussie accent, how to locate unfamiliar plants in the local plant book we found, trying unfamiliar foods, how to handle their own jet lag moods, Brisbane shopping, local cultures, and lots of Brisbane geography and history.  Bonobo says he has learned that Australia is almost as huge at the US.  The Doctor has learned that living in Australia is tremendously expensive and she hopes to use the lessons learned here to learn how to live on her own once she moves to London.

We have watched more tv in these two weeks than we have in the last two years...and none of us want to repeat that.  But we are happy and enjoying out time here tremendously! 

And looking forward to meeting some new people. 
If YOU are a Brisbane homeschooler, please contact me!!!!!!!!!!

File:Mt Coot-tha Kiosk.jpg
Cafe at the Mount Coot Tha Look out Area

We are LOVING Brisbane!


  1. Welcome to Brisbane! We are also homeschoolers :-)

  2. How long is the "assignment?"

    The alluring aspects of Australia: it's warm in our US winter and great white sharks. I find great white sharks inspiring, gorgeous, and humbling.


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