Sunday, September 2, 2012

No Wonder it's Called Queens Land


This place is GORGEOUS.  The weather is wonderful, the mountain range is picturesque, and the sea shore is refreshing!
Today we drove to the seaside, about fourteen kilometers from here.
And, as it happens, it's Father's Day here in Australia.  So we went out to celebrate Jerry!

We started out with a scenic drive along the shore of Moreton Bay.  Then an excellent walk through a mangrove area and mud flats of the scenic shore.  We thought it was interesting that all of the trees seemed to lean toward the land, away from the water.  It doesn't seem very windy around here...  Also, for every large tree, there are thousands of tiny saplings in the mud...

Lucky for us, it is very early spring and the temps are very mind.  Otherwise, I'm pretty sure our trip through the mangroves would have been far more odiferous.

Next there was some Frisbee play...
Across the bay we could hear some music playing, so we got back into our rental car and followed it...

To our delight, we found a jazz festival in a nearby park, just along the sea side.   The music was less-than-professional, but when they played "What a Wonderful World,"  Jer and I had to agree.
The Doctor and I spent some time sitting by the shore and she picked up some shells...  It was great to see her enjoying herself in the sunshine!

And so ends a sunny and mild day here in Brisbane!
We are having a wonderful time in a land fit for a Queen!


  1. I am really looking forward to reading all of your adventures settling into a new place. Here's to many, many more wonderful days!

  2. I've always wanted to visit Australia! Great luck to find a jazz festival, too. :)


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