Friday, February 15, 2013

Atheist Parenting Advice Clip Art

If you are on Pinterest, you may have seen my new clip art out there called "Atheist Parenting Tips".  I have forty or fifty of them on Pinterest now.  You are welcome to them as long as you link back here to my blog!  You can check out my Pinterest "Parenting" board for more:



I will post more of them here on my atheist parenting-focused blog posts.  You will notice that many of them are good parenting in general, but with a humanistic slant...  I thought about this little project for awhile before doing it.  I would be thrilled to add to this collection.  Please comment below if you have some more suggestions.

As for why I am working on this project, I'm not trying to suggest that I'm the best atheist parent around, only that I have the best atheist children.  *grin*

I feel like I am on a mission in my teeny tiny corner of the world to give freethinking parents support and information so that they can help create the next generation of skeptical adults!  It truly means something to me to be a resource for this type of information...even on this small scale.

What do you think of my clip arts????

What about you?  If you had to give advice to newly "out" atheist parents looking for suggestions on raising ethical children, what would you tell them? 

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