Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Circle Continues...

Yesterday I was by myself, walking down a street at about 3:00 pm, about the time a nearby preschool let out.  If you are wanting to have a lovely moment of sheer bliss, you need to be on this street at this time of day.

First was a little girl with two pink barrettes in her hair and socks falling down to her ankles.  Her school uniform blouse hadn't been tucked in for hours.  She was talking and talking and talking and talking.  Behind her was Mom, walking slowly, smiling, asking questions.  Mom's eyes glowing with love for that daughter she had just picked up.

Next was a small dark-haired boy, jumping to add emphasis to his story.  Turning backwards to tell his mom about some event from the day.  Behind him, Mom, smiling secretly, loving the delightful energy of her little boy.  Her eyes silent but full.  Her smile, crooked.

Followed by a quiet little blond girl, pig-tails on top and papers in her hands.  One paper dropped as she walked on.  Behind her, Mom bent down beside the pram she was pushing, and stopped to look at the thick lines painted onto the sky blue paper.  Her child's blond head bent over the paper and her small finger pointed.  Her mom kept her eyes on her daughter's face as she spoke, a quiet smile on her face.

And I, after dropping my "Big Kids" off someplace, watched these moms as they were, again, reunited with the loves-of-their lives, as these moms kept their eyes on their own child's face, like a treasure, amazed at surviving the separation. 

I walked on, aware of my envy that their journeys were just beginning...  knowing that many of those days are far behind me...already.
Hours to go before I had kids to pick up...

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  1. I love the walk home from preschool with my tot... seeing each other again, hearing about the mornings events, I cherish it! :) Danica


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