Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Lessons on Bribie Island

I don't want to go!

The Doctor never wants to go!  But today she had a surprise.  An island about an hour north of Brisbane with amazing treasures:  a beach full of soldier crabs, lorikeets, and a gorgeous surf beach!

On this rainy and wet day, we decided to go for a drive, taking random roads and letting chance dictate our direction.  We ended up on Bribie Island

First we went to Banksia Beach.  A real TREASURE of a beach.  At low tide, the soldier crabs come up to the beach.  There they sift the sand for nutrients, leaving small balls of sand behind them.  This invasion happens every day!  The thousands of little fellas are all BLUE!
It is absolutely astonishing!

Who knew?

After they sift through the sand, they leave the small balls of sand behind.

A man who was out walking his dog at this beach explained that the crabs remain on the beach and hide in the sand or scuttle away if they feel threatened.  We saw the scuttle alright!  They make this tiny little sound as the mob moves away at the same time.

Also on Banksia Beach were the squawky lorikeets.  It seems that it must be mating season because all of them were in twos in the trees.

Banksia Beach

We then took off for Woorim Beach on the east side of Bribie Island.  The entire east coast of the island is one long beach.  It is gorgeous!  We were alone for most of the time on the beach.  The kids ran in the water, shouted across the Coral Sea to America, and ...well, frolicked!  The sand was so clean and beautiful and the water was still warm and lovely.  We found some gorgeous shells and coral!  The weather was breezy, but still so nice!

This is my favorite picture of all!
The Doctor


We played in the water and collected shells and had a MARVELOUS time!  We only wished Jerry was there to share it with us.

And at the end of the day The Doctor said,  
I'm so glad we came!


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