Saturday, March 2, 2013

Pushing Pandia Press

Pandia Press Timeline

I don't know if everyone who reads this blog knows this, but I used to own a homeschool supply store in our home town.  When I decided to start the store, I started looking for really good resources to sell.  One of the things I spent a great deal of time researching was timelines.  I am a big fan of graphical organizers of all kinds and timelines are a personal favorite.  But everything that I found available was far too expensive, far too cheap, or just poorly made.  Except for one shining exception:  Pandia Press's timelines were gorgeous, very practical, very useful, and very affordable. 

So I invested in those products at my store.  As it happens, I also came to love the R.E.A.L. Science Odyssey (RSO)materials (a nice secular science set) and the History Odyssey series.  While History Odyssey was a huge seller for me, it may have been because I love the series so much.  The returning homeschool customers told me that their families also love the series.

Kathy and her beautiful family
But, back to the timelines.  After two years of carrying the timelines, Kathy (owner of Pandia Press) told me that she was discontinuing the timelines.  I'm like WHAT?!?!  Kathy felt that to continue with the next printing of the timeline would require her to do some design changes on the timeline and to make a financial commitment that she didn't feel she could make at the time.  I wondered aloud if she would be willing to update her timelines if she had an investor.  She said she would consider it.

I talked to my business financial adviser (my husband!) and told him that I wanted to invest in this product that I felt strongly about.  Together we looked at the product and the plans for the update.  My husband was impressed with the product at well.  So I did it!  I backed the production of these timelines.

 Before long I was able to put the timelines back on the shelves in my store.  And they were very popular.

History Odyssey
Well, I closed my store a few months ago, moved out of the country, and out of the loop.  A friend just posted something about Pandia Press offering 25% off of products for the month of March.  I ran over to the website and looked around saw two great things.  The first is the she finally got a level two secular science book out for middle schoolers  (YAY!)  And, second, Kathy has mentioned me!  Read "The Timeline Story"!  Well, I am not mentioned by name but by the phrase "an angel", but she did feel moved enough by the events of the investment to write something about it.  I am gratified. 

Anyway, if you check out the website and decide to give her materials a try at this substantial discount, make sure you mention that Karen sent you!  (wink)

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