Sunday, March 31, 2013

Sorry...I'm an Interfationist

And that is not a novitious word.  I CONSTANTLY interrupt when people are talking. Not just during my hebephrenic years, but now too!

Scroggins! I can't stop myself! At times this unthew makes me erupt in erubescency. It's like I have ten questions and other flabberdegaz for everything a person utters and I can't stop myself from asking the questions!

I fell like I am being roinish...yet I must know! I mean it as no grithbruch. ...what is her name? When did you meet? Where did you find it? Who else was there? Is he married? What will he do next? What were the choices? How did you know? Who made that choice?
I'm so sorry for my squackett!

But even more importantly, I want to share this blog with you.  With no further cunctation, it is called Obsolete Word of the Day.  The blogger is no longer updating the blog, but there are a few years worth of delightfully obfuscating words to ensorcell you!

P.S.   All gynotikolbamassophiles unwelcome here!

novitious:  newly-created
unthew:  bad habit
erubescency:  blushing for shame
flabberdegaz:  nonsensical talk
roinish:  rude, despicable 
grithbruch:  breach of the peace
squackett:  to make a disagreeable noise with the mouth
hebephrenic:  adolescent silliness
Scroggins!:  expressing astonishment
cunctation:  delay
ensorcell:  delight
gynotilolobamassopnile:  a person who likes to nibble on women's earlobes.  Seriously.

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