Monday, March 18, 2013

Silly Titles

Sometimes I wonder just what brings people to this blog.
I look myself right in the eye and say:  Silly Titles

Also, the sarcasm.  I'm heavy on sarcasm.
And the skeptical subtext.  I'm hell on subtext.

But what are the qualities of this blog that bring the readers in like heathens to a Sunday morning yard sale...besides great turns of phrase...

And so, in the spirit of celebrating my blog, entertainment ether destination of a few, here is my top ten list of what, of this blog, I think appeals to my readers:
  1. The frequent revelations of our exciting homeschool schedule.  (Who doesn't want to read about someone else's unit studies?!)
  2. The blatant but rare surly tone when discussing popular cultural icons that I find particularly insipid and banal.  (Sorry Oprah.)
  3. My saucy repartee.
  4. Really cool self-made clip art.
  5. My authentic and blushing "voice".
  6. My inspired...rants.
  7. My slightly neurotic use of correct grammar
  8. The pathetic attempt to make something out of nothing.
  9. And my "glass is half full" pessimism.  
  10. TMI
Actually, the truth is, I'm thinking how very sappy much of this blog is.  I seriously want this blog to be a sincere support to atheists who are scared to be "out" and a sincere support to parents out there who are wanting to homeschool.  I think the homeschool thing is taking care of its self these days.  Homeschooling has become far more mainstream and has finally begun to shake off the negative propaganda and myths.  Atheism still has some work to do, but it's gaining momentum.

So, then, why do I blog anymore?
In all honestly, I think I really get a rush from "meeting" people who come to my blog, read, and then leave comments for me.  I enjoy the relationships I have built with a few, wonderful people.

But what am I doing?  I'm not sure I have much more to say.
I'm not sure anyone wants to read my stuff.
I'm just thinking I might have run my course...


Addendum, March 20, 2013

OK, OK, I've been reading the love and I will keep on.
It means alot to me that this blog means alot to you.
I will probably take a bit of time off, though, unless some inspiration hits me.

In the meantime, in the comments below, leave me with questions, if you like.  It would be helpful to me and I can write some posts in response to things that interest you.

Thanks for the love, Karen


  1. I enjoy reading your blog because of your tales of homeschooling adventures (your kids are slightly older than mine, so I can see what I have to look forward to, good or bad) and because I don't have to filter out the sentences that refer to God and God's vision for your life. It is so rare to find homeschoolers that aren't doing it for religious reasons, at least a bit, that I look forward to hearing from the few that I have found - like you. Keep it up!

  2. Karen, I probably tell you in every comment but I really like your blog! It's nice to read a mature atheist voice. I have been lucky to meet a few atheists near me, though many of them seem to kind of land there due to a lack of religion rather than by thoughtful inquiry. I like to challenge myself as a nonbeliever to look at political issues etc and how they are influenced by religious and nonreligious people.

    I like the variety of your posts, the straightforward nature of your voice, and the fact that you hold many similar priorities as I do. In fact, I have just started putting together an atheist/secular homeschooling blog because I realize that my "school stuff" needs it's own separate place away from my "creating" blog to shine on it's own! Thank for the inspiration, without YOU i would have never thought that ANYONE WOULD CARE about my home schooled atheist family. :)


    1. Mae, I'll tell you what, you send me a "guest post" blog post and I'll keep going.

  3. Oh I hope you keep writing! You've helped me think more clearly many times. I'm don't home school, but I still love what you have to say about parenting and I'd love to hear more of your story. If you choose not to write anymore I hope you'll at least keep reading! I would miss you.

  4. Ultimately, it's your choice and you need to do what's right for you.

    That being said (admittedly an overused phrase...), please know that your blog finally convinced me that I can and will homeschool! The Hub and I have contemplated and researched on and off for over a year, made a written list of pros and cons, and debated the topic from all angles. And even after all of that, I was still doubting if I could do it. And--truth be told--I was an elementary school teacher for 11+ years before having my kids; and I still doubted if I could handle it, if I could give them what they need better than a brick-and-mortar school!

    Then, in mid-January, with a Kindergarten check-up looming on the horizon, I once again did the familiar internet search for homeschooling and homeschooling groups and blogs. (Many of the "groups" seem to be folks spend a lot of time and $$$ doing these extravagant "fluff" activities with there little darlings, and want to charge me a lot of dough for us to join them. Ugh.) I've come across many blogs, usually done by some super model-looking mom, with kid-model looking children, extolling the virtues of homeschooling her kids in the Christian tradition and playing the dutiful Christian wife to her husband. I strive to be non-judgemental of others, but BLEH!!! About to give up on the blog search, I came across this blog with the fascinating title: Homeschooling Atheist Momma. Reading your adventures in homeschooling, in parenting, in life were and are inspiring to me. Reading your blog has given me the confidence to know that I can homeschool my own little darlings; and it's made me a better parent. And, in the process, I've made a new friend.

    Whatever you choose to do, I just wanted you to know the wonderful impact your blog has had on me--and I know there are others out there who could share similar stories. Thank you for your blog. Thank you for being you. As far as continuing your blog, do what your heart tells you. If I may be selfish for a moment, though--I hope you'll continue blogging.

  5. I've only recently discovered your blog while researching the concept of secular homeschooling. My kids are much younger than yours @ 2 and 4 years old, but I find your blog absolutely fascinating and am so grateful you choose to share your experiences and philosophy. Like the reader above, I've found courage to homeschool my girls by reading your blog. I look forward to each new entry. While I've read a lot of your past homeschooling entries, and I still plan to read all your archives, I'm seriously bummed to think you may stop writing now. Your blog is so so inspirational, creative, and supportive, and folks like me greatly appreciate your efforts in producing it! I often find myself reading and thinking, "Wow, this woman is so spectacular. I wish I knew her personally and could invite her over for a drink and ask her about x, y, and z..." For example, I wonder what does she think of unschooling? Did her kids have bedtimes when they were younger? How and why did she get started homeschooling? I'm sure some of these answers are in the archives that I will one day read from start to finish, but each time I run into a question about homeschooling, I first wonder how your blog would answer it. Thanks for sharing your sage wisdom about secular homeschooling. I hope to be reading your blog for years to come!

  6. As a newish reader of your blog, I hope you are not really quitting! Although both homeschooling and atheism are making strides, atheists are still in the minority when it comes to home education, or at least it feels that way when you're cruising the blogosphere. I haven't found very many secular homeschooling blogs that are interesting enough to keep me coming back. That might make me sound like a jerk. Oh, well. I hope you stick with it. And, yes, I do love a good unit study breakdown :)


    P.S. I love the new design!

  7. I love reading your blog since I'm also an atheist homeschooler. Having spent the majority of my life immersed in religion, I tend to be more anti-religion than my other non religious homeschool friends. I suppose I've experienced the harm first hand, and had to go through a painful deconversion.
    Come and visit me in Scarborough some time! I'm without car at the moment and seriously whiney about it :)

    1. D- Some of the HS group down here is planning on a play date up in Scarborough in March 4th...Want more information?

  8. Cool! Could you send me a Facebook message? I'm assuming it'll be at the Pirate Park, which is basically my backyard lol!


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